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Chapter One

"You're sure you want to do this?" Lakken whispered, his eyes darting about nervously. He and Ronnie had come down town, to most weirdo inhabited place in the city. He had known when he came that the people would look vastly different from his own 'Abercrombie and Fitch' wearing self, but-he swallowed as a man with a split tongue and monstrous looking piercing walked past him-Did they have to be that strange?

"Hells yea! Come on Lakken! Our first tattoo's! You should be excited." Ronnie grinned, taking his best friends hand and dragging him into the tattoo parlor they had standing out of, Ronnie looking over the various designs through the window. Seeing the display cases upon the walls and various flip cases standing upon the black and white checkered floor, not to mention the numerous binders covering the counters., all showing various choices and ideas. Ronnie had immediately released Lakken's hand upon entering, rushing over to flip anxiously through them.

"Oh yea," Lakken muttered sullenly, "Way excited." Rubbing his sore wrist, honestly he had been pulled and yanked by it so much he was surprised the damn thing hadn't broken, he sighed and made his way over to a nearby display case.

"This is bad-ass!" Ronnie bursts out after what seemed ten minutes of searching. Waving his friend over.

"Ronnie, that's awfully big. Are you sure-"

"Not that big," pulling up the sleeve to his shirt, he points to his upper arm, "Right there what do you think?"

"I think it's your body, your money," Ronnie rolled his eyes before glaring down at the blond haired boy, "Besides, won't Reena care that your using your body as a live canvas?"

"Nope, the babe loves tattoos."

Lakken sighs, giving up for the moment, a bloody year he had listened to his friend talk about his first tattoo. Yea, he was happy he was finally getting it, but what was the big deal? You pick a picture, it's stuck on you for the rest of your life. How is that captivating? In any way? His thoughts nearly choked him as his eyes came to rest on a rather intriguing drawing. A dark, male fairy, his body curved, sparkles running from his fingertips to his toes, creating a perfect circle in the center. It's wings spanned out a bit, more bat wings than the traditional fairy's. All of a sudden he had an image of his belly-button and the intriguing little fairy about it.

The little fairy man seemed to smile up at him, reading his thoughts and liking the idea. Lakken bit his lip.

Looking up he saw that Ronnie was presently talking with red-haired guy over his selection. Glancing around the case he looked for someone else who could help him-before he changed his mind. Seeing no one his brows furrowed, he wouldn't have to wait for his friend to finish would he? That would take forever!

"Need some help?" he heard behind him and immediately spun around.

"Yes, I…" he stopped in mid sentence, his honey brown eyes meeting laughing blue ones. His eyes widening at the face that held them. Beautiful aristocratic features with just enough ruggedness in him to make him not pretty, but handsome-in a drop dead gorgeous sort of way. His hair was short, tousled, and a beautiful blue black, perfectly placed over various parts of his forehead.

Lakken was forced to either breathe or pass out. He took a breath.

Now what was that question again? Oh yea-his eyes then fell on that neigh perfectly built body, or at least what he could see of it. So sleek and muscular and-God, he was so gay.

Clearing his throat he pointed in the general direction of the tattoo he wanted. "Yes, I'd like that one," he was proud of himself and actually being able to speak. That was until he realized there had to be at least fifty tattoo's upon that display alone. Mentally wincing, he corrects himself. Looking back, a hard thing to take his gaze of that man…so hard, he finds it and point s finger directly to it.

The man smiled softly at him, Lakken nearly melted into a puddle right there. "'Kay he said, moving slowly up to him, reaching an arm about the blushing blond to pull the thin display case down. "Be just a minute."

Lakken didn't realize his eyes were following 'the gorgeous one' until he felt an elbow jab into his side. "Not so negative now are you?" Ronnie taunted, laughing evilly a moment before asking, "I'm going back, you'll be alright?"

"I'll be fine," Lakken assured him, glaring at the brunette who in turn winks and turns to follow the red-headed tattoo-ist behind the counter and out of his sight.

After what seemed like forever 'the gorgeous one' finally approaches . "Ready?" he asks, at the younger boys nod he gestures with a hand , "Come on back." Leading the way the man plopped into a nearby chair and reached into a cabinet. Pulling out a small clip board he handed it to Lakken, "You wanna read and sign that. And I need your ID." The blond handed it over and watched yet again as the man left, then read and signed the contract, of which made him a bit more nervous than he had originally been.

The tattoo-ist returned and handed him back his ID then flashed a small smile, "Sorry, policy, ya know?" Lakken nodded and smiled back, "So where do you want it?"

"I was thinking about around my belly-button," he blushed at the thought of this gorgeous guy seeing his naked skin.

"Thought so," he grinned, "You wanna lay back?" Lakken glanced about, seeing the generously padded table-looking thing, he did as he was told.

He watched as the blue eyes man took the nearly clear sheet, of which the ink version of the fairy was on, and wet it. He paused a moment, waiting for Lakken to pull up his shirt . After a deep breath the youth managed it, a blush marring his face. The older man grinned and placed the sheet in the proper spot, wetting about it with a wet paper towel. After a moment he pulled the sheet off, "You wanna go look at that real quick?"

He nodded slightly, sitting up he was sure to hold his shirt up as he walked over to one of the floor length mirrors. Looking down at his stomach he was surprised just how good the little fairy looked there. Walking back over to 'him!' he asked, "What do you think?"

"Your tattoo," he started, "But I think it's mad hot!" Lakken found himself blushing once more over the mans words before laying back down. He watched as the needle-thingy was hooked to another machine, "I'm just gonna do one line for now, let you see just how it feels, okay? Then I'm just gonna go right through."

Lakken nodded and closed his eyes, his heart speeding at the sound at the sound of the buzzing needle. He nearly jumped as he felt the needle go into his soft skin. It hurt, no doubt about it, but it didn't hurt 'that' bad.

Seeing the younger boy had relaxed the tattoo-ist began to speed right through it. His eyes intent upon his ink-art. Getting into his work he moved a hand up to rest upon Lakken's ribs. The youth immediately stiffened but remained silent.

As the needle got closer to his actual belly-button, Lakken began to squirm a bit, glancing up a bit, the black haired man spoke, "You your names… Lakken?" he asked in an attempt to take the kids mind of his pain.

"Yea, I'm surprised you said it right. Most people say 'Lack-in; instead of 'Lake-In." He cut himself off blushing.

"Yea, well, I'm not most people," Taking yet another wet paper towel he wiped some ink from his belly, "I'm Jessie by the way."

"I would never have guessed. You look more like an-uhm, I'm not sure, but definitely not a Jessie." Lakken cursed himself for babbling.

"But alas, I am," Jessie smiled, the kid was cute. He had thought so when he first walked in-even if he did seem like a prep. All that blond hair flowing about his face, right down to his shoulders. His eyes nearly matching that honey-gold color. His body was slight, petite really. Hell, he didn't even realize how much until he had lifted his shirt up. He was surprised at himself, he hardly even realized he had placed a hand on the kids stomach-that is until he felt that unbelievably soft skin. He was forced to shake his head at himself as he imagined sliding that hand a little farther up that shirt and tweaking one of those nip-

"So," he started, more in an attempt to distract himself this time, rather than the boy. "What color do you want the eyes? Or do you want it exactly like the picture?"

"I'm rather taken with the picture myself… Do you guys draw too or just trace what other people draw?"

"I drew this one," Jessie said, entirely unaware of how giddy that made Lakken feel. "But no, not all of 'us' draw, a lot just trace other work, as you say."

"Oh," Lakken glanced down to see his unfinished tattoo, then winced as he saw the needle go in and out of his skin. He contented himself to look instead at Jessie's hand, his eyes caught sight of an ancient Libra sign tattooed upon his wrist. "You're a Libra?"

"Uh huh," Jessie mumbled as he changed needles.

"I'm a Aquarius," he winced as the older man shaded in a particularly dark area.

"Oh yea?"

"Yea, January 29. You?"

"October 8."

"So that makes you how old…?"

Jessie glanced up at that, raising an eyebrow and grinning a bit, "22," he said finally.

Lakken blushed. So he was only four years older. That's not too old, Lakken thought. They could still manage to have little black haired babies! Lakken laughed at the thought.

Jessie looked up with a raised eyebrow. What the hell was so funny? Though at the sight of that soft smile he couldn't help but smile himself.

All was silent for a moment as Jessie finished up the color and shading as Lakken watched and fantasized.

That is until Ronnie made himself known, "Dude? A fairy? Man you're so gay!"

Lakken glared at his friend, "Dude, a dragon? That so ordinary-you asshole!" Jessie couldn't help it, he laughed a bit, and finished wiping off the remaining ink.

"Go look again. Huh?" The older man said, Lakken nodded and once again did as he was told. His mental image before had been right. It was perfect!

"It's gorgeous!" Lakken said as he came to sit yet again.

Ronnie looked down at it, "Alright, maybe it does look pretty cool." Then he shrugged, "Anyways, I'll be in the car, I left my soda out there." With a wave of his hand he was off.

Lakken rolled his eyes but at the same time was thankful his friend had left. Jessie was busy bandaging his stomach up. "You need to keep this on the next three to four hours, when you take it off for the next two weeks or so you need to put some Neosporin or tattoo goo on it twice a day. To keep it damp ya know, so it won't lose color and fade. Got it?"

He nodded and stood, Jessie told him the amount, paying it and throwing in a twenty dollar tip as Ronnie had told him to, he walked out. Reaching the car there was a pout on his lips, he had really hoped Jessie would ask him out-or something!

It was only three and a half hours later, when Ronnie took off his bandage and was flexing for Reena, did he remember his own. Going to the bathroom, he looked in the mirror and pulled his shirt up. His eyes widened when he saw the tattoo-ists name and number with a short 'Call me' written upon his bandage.

Lakken squealed a bit, "Score!"