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Chapter Two

Lakken bit his lip, his eyes scanning over the stream of endless cars through the flowing crowd. He was so damn nervous! He had actually managed to get up the nerve to call Jesse - all the while fighting the fear that the man had meant 'Call me if anything goes wrong' rather than to actually call him for a date - and it turns out the tattoo artist did want to ask him out! So here he was at - he glanced at his watch - seven o' two, waiting for the hottest freak he had ever laid his eyes on and wigging out at the possibility that this might be a prank.

It was at times like these he couldn't help but think back to earlier that school year, right back to Bart Schneider… one of the hottest jocks at school and his then - long time crush. He had no idea how the guy had found out, but had immediately taken advantage of the situation. He had set up a time and place with Ronnie, to keep 'what they had together' discreet. Only it was anything but. The location turned out to be his girlfriend's house. He, Bart that is, and the rest of his graduating glass had laughed their asses off as the jock told them why Lakken was there. Of course Ronnie then justly kicked his football-playing ass, but still.

He hadn't had a date since. It was one thing for a guy to just say no, or not acknowledge another's feelings or even say he didn't return them! But to fuck with someone's feelings is wrong and it had hurt Lakken more than he could ever say to see all those people laughing at him. Besides, what the fuck kind of name was 'Bart' anyway?

He turned his honey brown eyes back down to peer at his watch. Seven o'nine. He sighed, feeling that same dread creep back up on him. Maybe it hadn't been such a good idea to call the guy. After all, what did someone so animated, kind and beautiful like Jessie want with dull old him? Nothing apparently, which was why he found himself standing outside some random diner in freak-central all alone. Looking like an idiot - again.

"Hey," he barely heard the soft spoken word, but turned anyway. His very eyes perking up at the sight of the artist, a brilliant smile lighting his face as he muttered his own greeting.

Jessie grinned back, his eyes raking over the petite blond again. Blue eyes took in the other's appearance, running over his flowing hair that was slightly disturbed by the breeze, making the soft strands scatter a moment before falling back in place. His shirt was short sleeved and light blue. Surprisingly it was worn short enough to show off his brand new, gleaming tat. His trousers were a bit baggy about the legs, somewhat tight however around a rather plump ass. He vaguely wondered why all the 'little guys' had such big butts - not that he was complaining in any way, shape or form! He'd had thought the night before, when Lakken had called him, that there was simply no way the man looked as good as he remembered. No possible way. He had been dead wrong, because damn if this kid wasn't fucking gorgeous!

"Sorry I'm late, got a little held up. Do you want to go inside?"

The blond nodded and followed him inside. Finding a decent booth, not exactly an easy thing to do come dinner time in the area, they sat. After giving their drink request and actually ordering, they settled into a slight silence.

"So … tattoo doing okay?"

"Yes, it's gorgeous. I-if you wanted to draw something else like it or whatever … I'd love for you to give me another," Lakken blushed as he said it.

There was more to his request than merely liking the guy that did the tattoos. After looking in the mirror these past two days, he had grown so accustomed to seeing it there. It made his once pale, plain skin alight with color and beauty that he never thought his body could have until he had gotten his fairy.

"Addicted to the ink now, eh?" Jessie smiled, showing a straight row of nice white teeth. "I know the feeling, though when I got my first tattoo," he paused to roll up the sleeve of his black shirt, showing his forearm to the boy before him, "the guy did such a sucky job of it, I mainly just wanted to get it fixed. Even though, as you can see, I have yet to do so. Anyway, I kept going to shops meaning to get it fixed but never quite getting around to it as I kept seeing one beautiful thing after another. Hell, sometimes I'd take pics from the Net and get them tatted. Though most times I just drew them myself and had them done." He pulled his sleeve up to show a well muscled shoulder covered in two yaoi (!) angels. He shrugged again as he let the sleeve slink down. "I guess after awhile I just got stuck on it and the ink had this addicting smell… Before I knew it I found myself wanting to actually put these beautiful things on other people. And thus here I am."

It was only after he finished that his cheeks tinged with slight color. He hadn't meant to go on about himself, but the mere mentioning of his beloved ink-art got him so excited! "But-uhm- yea, as soon as I draw something else like him, I'll hit you up."

Lakken smiled brightly, pleased that Jessie felt so comfortable with him as to tell him all that so soon. "That would be great. So-um- How did you end up working in that particular parlor?"

"Razorblade Kisses? Well, myself and a few other friends of mine - that just happen to be tat artists also - opened it up there going on two years now. I got more than a little annoyed working for pushy owners when I could run or at least help run a place of my own with people I could actually stand." He shrugged. "Some people think that just because they put ink-art on people they're bad-ass thus arrogant pricks. I say I'm thrilled to do what I do, but a job's a job. I'm not going to be an asshole over it."

"That's great that you are a co-owner of your own business at such a young age. Or the fact that you actually know what you want to do."

"You don't?"

"I haven't the faintest notion! My parents naturally want me to be a doctor or lawyer or something, but I'm really not into that," the blond said, feeling a bit awkward talking about himself.

"What are you into?"

"I like … taking pictures and," he blushed.

"And," Jessie prompted, smiling softly as he reached across the table to brush at the boy's cheek.

"Okay, I know it's really gay, but I like to design clothes. Not like the ones I wear … but more alternative styles. I think They're prettier."

"That's wonderful, if that's what you like to do," the raven haired man assured him, moving back in his seat a bit as the waiter set their food down. "Do you develop your own pictures and everything?"

The youth nodded, swallowing a bite of his chicken parmesan. "Yes, now that Ronnie, Reena and I have our own house that we rent together I have a dark room and everything."

"Ronnie is … the guy that came with you the other day?"

"Yea, he's my best friend."

Jessie laughed a bit, "I hear it's getting weirder and weirder for us gays to have any guy friends that we're not doing, particularly best friends that are of the male gender."

"Maybe, but we've been friends since second grade in Mrs. Dillard's class." He paused to laugh. He couldn't believe he actually remembered the lady's name. "I had just moved here and he proclaimed me his new friend. He's such a dork."

"Yea, it's a wonder you guys didn't end up together - in the true shounen-ai style," he winked.

Lakken literally choked on his food, taking a swallow of his drink he glared. "That's just gross. I could never think of him like that."

"Not even a crush in school?"

"No, at least, not on him," he pouted a bit thinking about Bart and the most embarrassing moment in his life.

Jessie found that pout to be adorable,. He blinked as a mental image popped up of the blond pouting up at him after he'd perhaps denied him his - "So you're finished with high school, yea?" he continued at the other's nod. "College?"

"In the fall, here in the city."

"That's odd, most people zoom from home come college."

"I like it here. It's familiar and I know it, not to mention it's a pretty large city so I never really get bored. There is always something to do. Unless of course I just feel like sitting on my ass and doing nothing."

"And what a nice ass it is," he couldn't help but say. Grinning slightly as the expected blush spread across his date's face. "So what are you going for?"


"In college, what are you majoring in?"

"Oh, my dad has me set and ready for law and psychology. A good lawyer needs to be able to see through everyone to know just what to say, do and accuse them of," he said, deepening his voice to a laughable level.

"Let me guess … your pops is a soul-sucker? A lawyer?"


"So why don't you go for what you're into? Photography? Design?" he asked.

"Because my dad says that 'just because I'm queer, doesn't mean I have to advertise it.' Meaning basically that according to him I have no choice," Lakken replied sadly.

He didn't want to be a lawyer or doctor or anything like that. He just wanted to be him and do things he loved doing. It had nearly broken his heart when his dad said that to him, straight up refusing to even discuss him doing at least one of the things he loved doing. And like the wimp he was, he hadn't said anything, just left.

"Hope you don't mind me saying this - but your dad sounds like a fucking prick." Jessie scowled. He knew all about unfit parents, not that he was going to get into that with the blond at this time. " And I am not trying to tell you what to do or anything, but I think you're old enough to make your own decisions. Be it choosing to become a photographer or being a sexy little designer. Be as gay as you want. It's your life, live it."

Lakken smiled at the man across from him, feeling a giddy rush as he looked over his face. God, he was gorgeous. And he was actually paying attention to him and listening when he spoke and … did he mention he was sexy as hell?

"I wish I could think like you, you're so open and honest. You just have this … this laid back 'fuck it' attitude. I think it's wonderful, you're wonderful." He blushed.

The older man smiled, reaching across the table to take the other's hand in his. "I like you just the way you are. Besides, you wouldn't be Lakken if you acted any different. I guess I've been through a lot in life to get me the way I am, but I'm glad you like me. I like you too… a lot." He raised the blond's hand to his mouth pressing a soft kiss to the palm. "I would have asked you out in the shop, but we've somehow managed to create our own no dating policy. But you were and are just too damn cute to pass by."

"I … I'm glad you think so. I was so embarrassed asking you all those questions in your shop. I was scared to death you were straight! No offense but you are the first gay tattoo artist I've ever heard of, much less met."

"Don't worry about it, I didn't mind. But as far as us queer tat artists," he laughed, "have you heard the name of our shop? Other than a few of our odd obsessions with HIM, that is an odd name for hetero artists."

"God, I wish I would have known that then … wait no I don't. I would have been even more nervous!"

Jessie laughed, "Yea, I guess we're definitely one of a kind." Pushing his plate away he waited for his date to finish eating.

Paying for the meal - despite Lakken's protests - Jessie slipped his hand into the blond's, smiling when he didn't pull away. "Care for a stroll or did you have something else you wanted to do?"

Lakken shook his head, flushing slightly. He couldn't believe the older man was actually holding his hand - much less in public! Jessie hadn't struck him as the type of guy who would want a publicly open relationship with a guy. Not that he minded in the least! It pleased him to no end that the darker man had actually taken his hand, more so for the fact that it meant he wasn't already sick of him than anything else. With a small smile on his face he leaned a bit closer, gasping surprise when Jessie released his hand to wrap an arm about his shoulder … pulling him against his larger body.