"Clown Face"

Behold I am clown face,
Laugh at my vulgar merriment
For I have no disgrace,
Applaud to my gratuitous endeavours and wit
You try to break my appeal,
Quite an unfeasible trick
For I am clown face,
I know nothing else but what I am
So a thousand pats on my back for I am the MAN.

Adored by many,
To them I do nothing wrong
But there are exceptions who are counting strong,
None are conformed
They are the ousted sort,
I run them in ridicule just for the fun of sport
Though I can feel their pain somewhere heartfelt inside,
I need not show it for their weakness is no fault of mine
This cold world lies victim to the corruption of time,
And so I am clown face
Conformist sublime.

I am clown face
But don't pretend that you know me
I don't even know myself,
Curse my infidelity
Welcome to my sensitive side,
No one knows of it for I am not gullible
It's my own kept secret,
For this side is so vulnerable
I scream for sanctuary,
Some time to heal
To really touch and feel,
This garden is made of paper
Nothing is real,
Abandoned by an old friend that didn't come
All I wanted was just to be loved,
Maybe an actual hug
So love me,
Pity if your hug isn't true
You may think I'm different,
But you and I are closer than you knew
You're my old friend that never came through,
Don't be surprised
I am you!

Be at a flutter with my flattery
My words entice like gold
Clown face excites the masses,
When I am served bold
So feed me your laughter,
For your smiles are my goad
And my heart is crying,
It won't stay still for long
I am clown face,
This is my song.