Under the Stars:

By Remy Chartier

Under the stars, I see your face,

A testament to long ago

When first I saw you smiling down at me.

Your voice, a clear melody marching across my life,

Telling my tales,

Revealing my secrets,

You never knew the power you held over me.

Under the stars, I can still hear your voice,

A suthing litany of which angels surely gave birth

Was there anything so sweet to one's ear before that time?

The sound of you, your music,

Lifted my heart, made me want to live life to the fullest,

Your words then were like gentle twilight,

Shining from the heavens after a long, tiring day.

Under the stars, I wonder why,

The night we fell apart

I saw none of that love in your eyes.

In truth, I saw nothing,

Save my own grief,

And the knowledge that a prophecy

Made long ago by a wayward heart

Had finally come to pass.

"One day" She had said,

"The pain you have caused me,

Shall be reflected within your own selfish breast."

And I knew that day had come.

Without a word, a whisper,a reason I can understand,

You faded from my life, never to return.

Under the stars, the image fades,

But the memory of that day holds fast,

The face, not you, but a myriad of stars,

A star for each tear I have shed,

A twinkling sea for each tear shed before me.

Your voice fades,

And becomes

The lonesome cry of a loon.

Mimicing the hears I have broken.

I never meant to hurt them,

But in the end we all get what we deserve,

And the image of love

Turns out to be merely an ocean,

Reflected in our eyes under the stars.