Tears on the table
And dust in her eyes
She looked so scarred-lovely
This sister of mine

Because she knew what I did
And just what I feared
She was heart-broken heaven sent
And could not belong here

She'd been through my anguish
And walked through my hell
Reduced to my ashes
A glassy-eyed shell

Her endless blue oceans
That could see through my smile
And enticed me to tell her
Sit and talk for a while

We shared little pieces
Of our left-behind past
That we strove long to cover
And bury in ash

I gave in to the voices
Those black things that they'd shout
And when I hit six feet under
She pulled me back out

With a voice like an angel
And a heart that's no less
She is still filled with sadness
Too deep to suppress

There's a weight on her shoulders
Even Atlas can't hold
With the burden she's bearing
She will too soon grow old

But I'll grow old here with her
Have that dust in my eyes
Because I simply can't leave her
This sister of mine