Author's Notes:
The ideas of the fear of love and of the consequences of love without commitment are two of the more important issues. Also, Derrya's constant struggle to run from her responsibilities and return to her past when she was a child and carefree.

Another important issue is experience. Derrya's youth prevents her from being truly experienced to handle any conflict. For example, as she runs from Tav when he realizes she's pregnant. This is not necessarily a conflict with Tav as much as it is a conflict with herself and her battle with herself as a child against herself as an adolescent and herself as an "adult" with new responsibilities.

One of the last things is her progression from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. As a child, she romanticizes about falling in love and going off with Tav. However, the adolescent tendency to go against authority and "future authority" (such as breaking judicial laws rather than just house-hold rules) is exposed, literally, in her desire to bask naked in the sun as well as when she does it to show her body off for Tav, when he comes to see her after she leaves for Veraden.

And it is only when she has at last become content with simply being with her children and husband, that she has truly grown up and realized that she has truly grown up.
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