Been a while, hasn't it?

Unfortunately, the internet is down at my place, so I have to steal my mother's USB port and invade the houses of others in order to post this. Hopefully I'll have my net up by some time next week.

In the meantime, enjoy the beginning of Macabre.



"Wake up, my darling. Wake up."


"So you haven't forgotten your mind yet! In a human, it would be long gone."

She shuddered. He went on.

"Based on our multiple discussions, we've both decided that you've got to go. And the easiest way to do that is through this new neural receptor that we've installed in that mass of fat you have. You see, we'll put you… in this."

"You… no." A cough racked her voice. "This body then… will be… nothing…"

"On the contrary, love. You know what there will be in that beautiful, indestructible body of yours. We've already talked about it, you and me."

"I… we have..?"

"All that blood, darling. You died. Don't you remember?"

Understanding dawned. "No…"

"Don't be so negative. This way, you'll always sit on my desk. Won't that be wonderful, dear?" He paused to watch her. "That's right… cry… Cry for the last moments in your body… And let the other come forth."

Steps behind her.

"Amazing, isn't it? That such a great and noble woman can be reduced to fit in this… truly a wonder of technology. Of course, we had to widdle her down first, but that wasn't a problem. Was it?

"I'll miss you, darling."