Unconquerable Prologue

The moonlight was like a soft spotlight whose beam searched out for pain, and soon it rested on the perfect being. All around the last raindrops fell from the branches of the poplars. The tall, thin trees rose up in every direction like that bars on a cage. They reached upward toward the dark night sky in liberation from their rooted prisons. The ground was muddy and the stones were cold, but she didn't care anymore; nothing mattered to her anymore. She raised her face to the moon looking for comfort while the wind blew back her short brown hair from her soft cheeks. Leaves were picked up in the breeze and swirled around her; though leaves were not alone on the shoulders of the breeze. She could feel her mother's hands touching and caressing her face like only a mother could. She closed her eyes imagining her mother's face, but when she opened them she saw no face but that of the moon. The moon couldn't help; neither could her mother, nor even the circle of poplars that had always been so comforting. Nothing held the same beauty that she had seen before; nothing existed but pain. She looked down at the ground when the clouds moved across the moon blotting it from her sight. Another wave of rain began and her already damp clothes soaked up each drop as it fell from Heaven. To join the rain a single tear found the strength to break through and roll down her cheek a long slow journey that ended in a dark fall into an unknown abyss. How brave tears are. She stood up from the circle she had sat in so many times before and took her first steps towards the cold, lonely life that awaited her; dirty skirt dragging through the mud, much like her heart.