Long ago, the legends tell of a great hero. He alone saved his homeland. With great skill and power he was able to overcome the evil that was slowly taking over the land. Legends tell of a staff with extraordinary magical powers that aided the hero in his quest. This is the legend…

The sun beat down on the grassy land of Kaelo. A boy by the name of Taru decided to go for a morning swim. He ran down the hill from his village and then sprinted through a grassy field, and finally he plunged into the icy cold water. The water was extremely cold, but Tyler did not care in the slightest. When the sun rose completely, sending warmth everywhere, Tyler then made the decision to get out of the river for a while, and explore the surrounding area. He always loved walking through the fields, searching for the creatures that lived there. He began running through the almost endless grassy fields, hoping to discover some new animals. Maybe he would find more rabbits like he did last time he went exploring. He walked further in the field. He often enjoyed these short walks through the field; he was an explorer at heart. Tyler kept on walking until the sun was high up in the sky. It was strange, usually the adults would be doing their work throughout the fields, but there was nobody in sight.

"That's sure odd…" Tyler was confused. His parents should be here… Tyler continued his walk, hoping to find anyone in the desolate field, he called out, but no sound greeted his. He was almost to the center of the field, but still had not discovered anyone. He had not met any animals, either. This was beginning to get very strange. Tyler was just about to turn around and go back to the houses to see if anybody was there when he heard a sound. It was a piercing scream, and sounded like It had come somewhere from further into the field. It sounded like somebody was in deep pain and agony. Tyler quickly began sprinting through the field, heading towards the source of the commotion. What on earth could possibly be happening? Could somebody be hurt? Finally, Tyler's running came to a stop and he quickly hid in the grass after seeing the source of the sound. There was a large clearing in the field, and all of the adults of the village were there, surrounded by six figures draped in cloaks, there faces hidden by black masks. They looked like something out of a nightmare. Each of them held in there hand long menacing swords made of black steel. One of the figure's swords was covered in blood. In front of the man was a woman, lying on the ground, a pool of blood dripping to the ground around her. It appeared as if she had been stabbed, a deep hole resided in her stomach, blood pouring out of the incision.

The man looked slowly around at the group. "If you do not manage to collect enough gold upon our return, when the sun rises four times once more, one of you will suffer the same fate as her. You would do best not to make the Dark King angry. Beware!" the man shouted in an almost otherworldly voice. And as murmurs and whispers began to rise in the crowd, one of the men made a motion with his gloved hand, and a black horse appeared from air next to each man. Each of them climbed onto their horse, and without a word, rode off into the field, the other way from where Tyler was still crouched. The people mourned.