There was a long silence from the crowd, but it was soon broken by Paige. "Okay then, I shall take Tyler to a trainer to learn to use his powers. Tyler, you should say goodbye to your parents, as you will not be seeing them for a little while. Follow me."

Tyler confusedly gave a small wave to his parents, and then followed Paige, who was already leaving the clearing. The two exited the field, and soon entered a large forest type area. "Um… where are you taking me?" Tyler asked nervously.

"You will find out soon enough. You see, I am taking you to a man who can teach you to control the powers that you have just gained. He will explain everything to you." Looking at Tyler's bewildered look, she added "Do not worry, you will be okay."

Tyler was silent the rest of the trip. They were walking through the forest for quite a while. Tyler remembered this forest. He used to always travel here to play with his friends. After a while, they came to a clearing in the forest. In front of them was a small cottage, painted light yellow on the sides. It looked fairly old; the paint was peeling off of the sides. Paige led Tyler through the grass, and up to a small door at the front of the building.

Paige loudly rapped onto the worn door. Tyler still had no clue whose cottage this was, and he was still feeling very confused about everything that had happened.

"Who is it?" came a gruff voice from within the cottage. The voice was obviously a man's, and it sounded quite annoyed.

"It's I, Paige." Paige spoke into the door.

"Hold on a second…" there was the sound of footsteps inside, and the door slowly opened, revealing a very thin old man, with silver gray hair. "What is it you want, Paige?"

"I request your services in training this boy." Paige told the man.

"Him?" the man looked down on Tyler, who was standing next to Paige.

"Yes, I ask that you train this boy in the power of the staff. You see, we have given him the power of Delrith, so that he may protect our village. We need him to stop a group of men that have continually been plaguing our village for the past two weeks." Paige explained.

"Did they happen to be riding on horses?" the man asked, clearly perturbed.

"Why yes, yes they did." Paige answered.

"Were they wearing dark armor on there bodies?"

"Yes they were."

"I see…" the man stared at Tyler for a second, and then spoke once more. " I think you may be talking about the dark knights. I have heard of other villages that have suffered from them as well. Well, since I do not currently have any other business, I suppose I could teach him. As long as when he is trained, and after he protects your village, he does a certain task for me.

"What kind of task are you talking about?"

"Well, it is a task for which I require the boy's powers. A recent apprentice of mine has gotten taken by the black knights. They are holding him in there territory, and plan to kill him in five days. I wish for the boy's assistance in rescuing the apprentice." The man explained.

"I do not know if his parents would allow it…"

"The apprentice must be saved! If he is not, his village will suffer! I will be going with him, I will make sure he is not hurt."

"I don't know if I could allow him…" Paige said thoughtfully.

"If you do not, I will not train the boy." The man said in a firm voice.

"Okay! Okay! He will help you!" Paige told him.

"Okay then, I will train the boy; you may come to pick the boy up in three days, which should be enough time." The man said to her.

"Very well then, thank you, and good luck, Tyler." Paige turned, and walked back down the walkway and into the woods.

When Paige had left, the old man turned to face Tyler. "I suppose I will be training you, then. What is your name?"

"Tyler. Tyler answered.

"My name is Loku. And you see, what happened to you was that the spirit Delrith entered your body and lended his powers to you. You should be much honored; he is a very powerful and respectable spirit of the gods. The person who is aided by his spirit is granted the power to wield an ancient weapon called 'The staff of legends'. This staff has been used for centuries, to cast down evil. And now, it is your duty to wield it.

"Do you expect me to believe a word you are saying?" Tyler almost laughed at the man's incredulous story.

"I know it is very hard to believe, but this is all true! But it is okay, I can not expect you to believe me. Hardly anybody does whenever they are told about it. If you need proof, I will give it to you. Wait here, I shall be right back." Loku made a motion with his arms. All of the sudden, a swirling wind began shooting from all around the area, and all of it wrapped around Loku. There was no sound, however, all was quiet. Then there was a loud popping sound, making Tyler wince. When he reopened his eyes, Loku had disappeared. Tyler squinted his eyes in confusion. But before he had time to figure out what had just happened, Loku reappeared in front of him. Now, though, he was holding a long wooden staff in one of his hands.

"This, Tyler, is the staff of legends. Now, maybe this should lesson your disbelief." And with that, Loku waved the staff in front of himself in a circular motion.

This man is crazy! Tyler thought to himself. He's waving a wooden stick around, and thinks it has powers?! Tyler laughed inside. The man looked so awkward, standing there, his arms waving the stick crazily. But in a few seconds, Tyler's whole opinion of the man's mental state changed. Out of the stick came a glowing, pulsating light. The light shaped into a narrow beam, and shot in a line, crashing into the ground ten feet away. There was a loud banging sound, and a small explosion, sending smoke into the air around them. Tyler fell onto the ground in shock. He got back up, and by then the smoke had cleared, showing a large hole where the beam had hit. Tyler's jaw dropped at the action that had just taken place before him.

"Now do you believe me?" Loku asked in a calm voice.

"Ye-yes…" Tyler stuttered. How in the world did he do that? He thought startlingly to himself.

"Good, now we can get back to explaining your training." He leaned onto the staff, facing Tyler. "I would like you to get some sleep, as you will need to get up very early tomorrow to begin your training. If you will follow me, I shall lead you to a bedroom that you may use." The man walked into the cottage, and Tyler followed him. The inside of the cottage was humble; there was a small fireplace, and a wooden table. The walls were unpainted, and the floor was bare. There was a rickety looking staircase the man led Tyler up. At the top, a small room was located.

"This is the room you may use. Now, please get to sleep." The man gestured toward a straw bed in the center of the room. "Goodnight." And without another word, the man climbed back down the staircase.

Tyler was still quite shocked. But he was very tired from the walk through the forest, so he fell asleep within minutes.