Um… just read and enjoy?

I can't shake off this feeling of fear,
I only feel it when you're near,
It's harder to control when we're alone together,
Yet somehow I wanted the moment to last forever.

Do you remember the first time we met?
I had a lot of fun after that,
You never failed to make me glad,
But when you turned to her,
Things started to go really bad.

You made me listen to all the things you wrote for her,
And all I did was act like your best friend, like a dear,
I just wish your eyes could've pierced into my heart deeper,
And you could've seen all my feelings for you that it has yet to gather.

Sometimes I wonder if I should continue to try,
Watching you just makes me want to die,
I know love is something that I cannot buy,
Maybe I should just continue to lie,
Keep pretending to be nothing more than your best guy,
But deep inside
I continue to cry…