I Remember

For as long I as can remember, I have stayed here at the same place.

I have stayed here, in the house at the end of the green forest, by the sparkling blue waterfall and by the green burial hill of my ancestors. I have fished by the same river, played hide and seek with the animals behind the same trees and I have slept under the same stars for my whole life. This content life have given me a mind filled with calm and peace. No burdens are resting upon my shoulders and no pain haunts my memories. I'm a child of innocence.

I live in peace with every living thing just like in Paradise.

I'm a healer by nature, and I have healing herbs in my gardens.

I help the wounded animals in the forest but also humans that stumbles upon my doorstep from time to time. I do not understand why people eyes me with distrust and whisper 'wizard' and 'spawn of the devil' behind my back. They are naïve and they see the world in black and white. I do not blame them for fearing the unknown, it is a natural fear afterall.

So, here I am. Tied to a stake in the middle of a fire, facing a crowd that wants me dead.

'Burn! Burn!' the children screams gleefully, as if this was a game they played everyday. I remember when I helped their mothers give birth to them. 'Die! Die!' the men shouts at me. I remember when their words to me was 'Bless you' when I brought cures for their hangovers after a rowdy night inte the pub. 'Scream! Scream!' the women chants. They enjoy my pain. I remember when I nursed them back to health after a birth or when their husbands took out their anger on their wives. I remember. And I forgive them all, they are acting out of fear.

May God have mercy upon their souls. I remember when they were good, and those memories is what I will take with me when I die. I forgive them.

The End