is what you find

when your with people for a long time,

But sometimes they go,

No one knows

when they will be home,

Forty-six miles away

or sometimes two days,

They will not come back no matter

how much you pray.

Crying all night when you find yourself


Wishing you could just move on,

But you can't,

Sometimes pictures swarm around,

Happy thoughts and memories,

The way things should be.

Awaking to a brand new day,

That tear is still there,

Waiting to join

those it knows,

As it trickles down a cheek

and drips,

You know it will never join the creek.

At some point more tears will take its place,

But it will never be the same

With out those dear friendly faces.

Months, years go by with knew friends,

Never ending fun, Until,

You see them,

More grown and pretty than ever thought to be.

What have you done?!

You have forgotten,

Greeting them with tears, hugs and laughs

on the outside,

But horrendous rips go through

old patches down your heart bringing old pain

and despair back, flooding your body

as you try to hold it in.

Torment runs through your body as they wave


At times you wonder, does time repeat itself,

Will this pain keep coming?

No, time will not repeat,

But the emotions will, not identical as the ones before,

But still they will be there forever.


Gretchen Reger