You're So Pretty When You're Sad

She was walking again the next night, taking the exact same route as always. She'd spent the day with the previous night replaying in her mind over and over. No matter how brief, she still couldn't get it out of her head. He'd been right about her wanting 'it'. She never would have guessed that someone she'd never spoken to before would know something so secretive about her. Not even her closest friends knew how badly she wanted to just get out.

She came to the street where he always waited, but instead of continuing her walk, she sat on the curb. She wasn't prepared for the encounter she knew was coming, but she refused to let him know that. She kept her face blank, and her eyes on the street in front of her until they met with the sight of his scruffy black sneakers.

She was early, he noticed. Was she anxious for their next meeting, as he was? Or did she just mean to leave more time for them to speak this time? He watched her, silently flicking his cigarette away and exhaling his last breath of smoke. He was somewhat surprised when she sat, instead of continuing her walk. He noticed immediately by her demeanor, that she'd been through more than usual today. Should he question that? He didn't know quite yet, but he was sure of one thing he must know.

He knelt before her when she didn't look up, so he was now eye-level with her. She blinked at him calmly, but he could see a very slight flicker of insecurity. "Your name?" He asked.

She refused to answer. In fact, she refused any emotion at all to cross her delicate features. She had such a pretty face, he noticed; slightly defined cheek bones, blue-green eyes with a touch of eye liner, full pink lips and a slight mess of blonde hair that reflected her rebellious side. She certainly wasn't the most beautiful woman on earth, but she wasn't at all ugly.

She caught him staring, and deliberately let a small smile creep onto her lips. She let the smile broaden slightly when he grimaced.

"What are you smiling about?" He questioned with a rather cold edge to his voice.

"How easily I can make you do the opposite." She commented airily.

"What do you mean?" He asked curiously.

"You'll find out."

A rather lengthy silence followed that comment, and Demon was filled with the sudden urge to force the answer out of her, though he knew that wouldn't work. He could tell just by the way she walked that she was stubborn. His gaze had lowered itself to the ground he was sitting upon as he recalled his earlier wonderings.

"You had a hard day?" He asked suddenly, but neither was surprised by the break in the silence.

"No harder than any other." She replied.

"You don't like to complain."

"Do you have some hidden goal to exploit me?" She asked, rather snappily.

He smirked, and she noticed vaguely that when he did so it made him look even more attractive and mysterious.


"You just like to get to know people well."

"I'm good at observing people."

"So I've noticed."

There was a pause where she allowed her face to return to its normal blank expression.

"And your day?" He questioned again.

She frowned slightly, looking sadly at the ground but not to the point where you might expect a person to cry.

"You're so pretty when you're sad…" He murmured before he could stop himself.

A shiver crept up her spine at this comment and he smiled at her look of unease. No one had made her genuinely uncomfortable like he had, without also giving her the urge to walk away. When he made her feel this way, she was only filled with the urge to know more about him. Why did he make her feel so uncomfortable, and how?

"Not used to compliments?" He asked her, though he knew that wasn't the reason for her discomfort.

"I'm not sure whether I should consider that a compliment." She replied truthfully.

He was still smirking, and she had a split urge to push him over, and to sit closer to him. She stood abruptly and took a few steps forward before he called after her.

"It's been two nights with me not knowing your name, I'll not wait a third."

She smirked, but did not face him. "You'll wait until I'm ready to give it to you."

"I'll not wait longer than I wish." He called after her. At her lack of response, he added, "I'll force it out of you if I must."

Her hand twitched, and he saw. It was the only sign of fear that she allowed at that moment. She wasn't sure whether he would, or not, but she knew without a doubt that she'd test him. It was in her nature, though this he did not yet know.

He let his eyes linger on her as she walked away, satisfied that she feared him even a little bit. He had a feeling that she was not often afraid of anyone, and was proud to be one of the few. And yet, she disgusted him. He hadn't lied to her yet, and she feared him. That one small line of truth had sent a visible shiver up her spine, "You're so pretty when you're sad…"

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