The Pain Will Pass

There was a party, of sorts, the next night. Basically it was just a bunch of friends hanging out together, some drinking, and some smoking, others doing other things. She was hanging out with a few friends, and other's she'd just met. One of the boys she knew came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist before collapsing into a chair behind him with her on his lap.

"Lain," He said, smiling at her from behind a mat of blue-black hair.

"Hm?" She replied, returning the smile and leaning her head back against his shoulder, relaxed.

"There's someone named Demon around here asking about you."

"Demon?" She repeated, startled.

She'd realized soon after meeting him that she'd heard of him before. Through a chain of friends, she'd heard his name, but never once thought that the boy that watched her walk every night was the same person.

"Mmhmm," He murmured. "Is this someone you should have told your dear old Dan about?" He asked, referring to himself as 'dear old Dan'.

"What do you mean?" She asked, quirking an eyebrow at him.

"I mean," He sighed exasperatedly, "Are you involved with this Demon in any specific way?"

She let out a harsh laugh. "No, I'm not currently involved with anyone, as you very well know."

Demon was watching her from a distance, scowling as she laughed.

"You know," Said a male voice from behind him. "She's single."

"You call that single?" he snapped, jerking his head towards her.

The guy behind him laughed. "Yeah, she's cuddly. You know the type. She's got half the guys fallen over each other for her and I don't think she even knows it. Only reason they all like her is 'cus she's not afraid of 'em."

Demon smirked and nodded. "I'll give her something to be afraid of…" He murmured.

The guy behind him quirked a pierced eyebrow at him. "Good luck on that one mate."

Lain sat with her friend now, her eyes darting aimlessly around the house, secretly hoping to see Demon. Eventually she gave up and concentrated on a story another friend of hers was telling. Someone offered her a cigarette but she declined with a wave of her hand and a polite 'no thank you' smile. She cringed as someone had her taste a drink of theirs and gave him the best 'ew' look she could muster.

Her comfortable position was interrupted as Dan shifted and lifted her from his lap. He'd been talking to someone behind them as she talked to someone else in the opposite direction. Music blared from some area of the house and Lain stared around as she stood, still talking before she was pulled down again into someone's lap. She glanced up, intending to say something to Dan but before she had a chance to let out a single syllable her voice caught in her throat, thanks to a very familiar smirk.

"Hey Hon I'm off to my girl's house." Dan said from a standing position.

He bent and left her with a kiss on the cheek and a wink. "See ya later."

She smirked and nodded. "Have fun."

"You know it!"

She cracked a smile and laughed before she realized again that she was on Demon's lap.

"I didn't think you'd be here." She said softly, without looking at him.

"Guess we have mutual friends." He replied.

"Guess so." She answered. She felt somewhat uncomfortable at the moment but seeing how he was the one who pulled her into his lap, she was pretty relaxed. Still though, the smile had slipped from her face.

"Do you know," He murmured in her ear. "You've got half the guys here tripping over themselves to get to you?"

She raised an eyebrow and turned to face him. "Okay?"

"You don't care?"

"I'm not really interested in anyone." She retorted calmly.

His lip twitched, threatening with another smirk as he replied, "Really?"

She stared him straight in the eye and nodded. "Really."

Something stirred in her stomach as she kept her eyes locked with his. It was then that she realized how close they were, and as if Demon noticed it at the same time, he smirked and leaned forward, capturing her lips in a pleasant kiss. It lasted a few seconds, but left her wanting more as he pulled away and she stared steadily back at him again.

"Still not interested?" He asked.

She considered her answer. "I'm not sure…" She said somewhat suggestively.

His smirk broadened and kissed her again, this time longer and more intense than the last time, but it definitely helped her decide.

"Well?" He asked, after he pulled away.

He stared at her intently as if she'd regret her answer if it wasn't the one he liked.

"I'm interested." She stated plainly.

He smiled at her and then someone called his name, waving him over. He looked at her for only a second before she stood and motioned for him to go over. He stood and strode past her before she sat down in the chair again and sighed.

"Yo, are you hookin' up with that Demon guy?" One of her friends asked from a chair nearby.

Lain shrugged, smiling somewhat secretively so that her friend just laughed at her.

"That's what ya call a dreamy look there!" the girl announced, then paused for a moment. "He's hott!"

It was Lain's turn to laugh now, and she did before being engulfed in another conversation with one of her friends.

"Who is she?" The guy who'd motioned for Demon asked.

Demon blinked. He hadn't asked for her name.

"You've gotta be kiddin' me." The boy said, laughing and shaking his head. "You aren't normally the type to just hook up with random girls."

"I'm not just hookin up with this one Dave. No way. She's just refused to give me her name so far… but I'll get it out of her." Demon replied determinedly.

Dave laughed and shook his head again. "Yeah after you screw her."

Demon shot him a warning look and Dave stopped laughing. "You're not just after the screw are ya?"

"What do you think?" Demon shot menacingly.

"Alright, alright, chill. I'll stop with the jokes ok?"

Demon nodded.

"So have your parents finally let you off the leash?" One of Lain's friends asked her.

She laughed harshly. "Are you kidding me? I'm spending the night with Ann and I conveniently left out the fact that we were coming here."

Her friend smiled and nodded. "Figures."

"You're such a naughty girl." Demon commented after he made his way through the crowd to her.

She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. "You think so huh?"

He nodded and held out a hand for her. She swung her legs back off of the arm of the old chair and took his hand. He pulled her up and started walking.

"Come with me…" He muttered in her ear. She merely nodded and followed him up the stares into a deserted bedroom.

He shut the door with a snap and turned back to her. Before she had a chance to get a clear view of his face he'd had his lips on hers, kissing her fiercely and grabbing her hips, pulling her closer to him and holding her against him. Her hands made their way to his shoulders before he pulled away and gazed into her eyes, clearly wanting her now.

"You know why I brought you here right?" He asked carefully.

She nodded.

"Are you a virgin?" He asked, receiving another nod.

He smirked. "And you're okay with this?"

"I'm fine with it." She replied confidently.

"Then I have to warn you… It's not going to be too pleasant at first." He warned, searching her face for any trace of fear, which he did not find.

"The pain will pass." She said airily.

He replied with his trademark smirk and another intense kiss, before laying her on the bed and proceeding to undress her.

Thanks again for the reviews. I have another chapter lined up yet that I'll post soon. I'll explain the name choice soon, just in case you were all wondering. This wasn't exactly howI first pictured her telling him her name, but this popped into my head and... wala. Social interaction. Enjoy.