"This is boring!" I grumbled, leaning against a tree. "There hasn't been many challenges of late! Don't tell me everyone does not want to fight with me anymore. I am about to open my own academy."

As a young lad still in my mid-teens, there is nothing I like more than a short duel. So far I was unbeaten- I had won all of the seventy-eight duels I had participated in since the past year ever since I started duelling. My master, Tom Hadley, had taken me in when I was eleven. Now, five years have passed and I have become one of the best fighters in my cohort.

I still remember how my powers had grown tremendously. It was all thanks to my master, Tom Hadley, who happens to be the Dragon wielder of Kerrigan.

Kerrigan is a huge continent with about 9,560,761 square kilometres in area. Its population is currently 1,003,879,905. Ninety percent of the population are Summoners. The rest are Techno-sorcerers or Mages. However, despite the mass area of land Kerrigan has, only about seventy percent is properly habitable. The remaining thirty percent consists of dense forests, mountains and rivers excreta.

However, I live in Krovak Island, which happens to be quite far away from Kerrigan. So, I had learnt a teleport spell, which requires just a single thought to allow me to get to anyplace I desire. It all started when I was ten…