Chapter Four

I had used a recall spell, but I reversed its effects. Instead of recalling the sword to my side, I appeared right next to my sword, as expected. As I materialised into the place, I found myself in a different realm. I noticed that the rocks were red as well as warm. There was a volcano in the distance, and lava was pouring out of its crater.

I looked around for Crimson Hell kite, but it was nowhere to be found. I picked up my sword, and lifted it. Then, I recalled it into my body.

Turning around to look for my Dragon, I stared in horror as a huge Basilisk was looking at a direction away from me. Just then, I saw a huge Dragon that it was fighting. It was Crimson Hell kite!

Their little combat was not over yet. I threw a spell to recall Crimson Hell kite before it got killed by the Basilisk. The Basilisk turned towards me, trying to see where it's opponent was. I threw a spell at it, stunning it for a moment. I knew that its breath and glance were fatal. The harmless basilisks grow about one metre long where most of its length lay in its tail, but this creature is enormous!

I knew that my Cerberus was immune to its look, so I summoned it. Blasting away with its death rays, my Cerberus fought with the Basilisk. After a long battle that resulted in both of them injured, I threw a capture spell on the Basilisk, capturing it.

Before I recalled my Cerberus, it started to shudder. It glowed with a black aura, and it started to grow larger. Muscles bulged out and I was astonished to see its aura grow even more powerful. Since it did not grow much in size, I believed that its growth was due to the growth of its muscles.

As I examined it, it fired death rays, rays of corruption, explosive rays and a three coloured ray that was made of a blue, a red and a green ray; one ray from each head. It was very powerful, and I called it the Spiral Shot.

Just when I was about to leave the realm, I saw a Hydra inching its way towards me. I recalled my Cerberus quickly, and blasted a powerful shockwave at the Hydra.

It lunged at me just as the shockwave slammed into its centre head. It roared, falling backwards, and tried lunging at me again. I used my Dragon Scales to protect myself, as the Hydra knocked into the shield.

I summoned the Basilisk while it was trying to recover. The Basilisk did not look at me as it appeared, turning to face the Hydra.

As both titans fought it out, I found refuge inside a small cave. It seemed empty at first, but I found a scroll lying on the floor inside. As I reached for it, a Vampire appeared and attacked me. I blasted it away with a fireball, killing it instantly. Two more Vampires flew towards me but as I swung my hand at them, my sword appeared in my hands and decapitated them in a single swing.

I quickly snatched the scroll up and made my way out of the cave. The Hydra was seriously injured by the Basilisk, so I ensnared it with a capture spell, recalled my Basilisk and hastily teleported myself out of the realm.

I found myself outside the academy. Draken and his followers must have left already, so I decided to enter the academy. I knew that the realm that I had been inside was created by Draken's followers, where whatever that hits their force field would end up there, and they can pull anything out of it any time they want. However, they did not notice that I was inside their realm, capturing two powerful creatures, and stole a scroll from them.

When I met the Headmaster, I requested the use of the library. He readily agreed, saying that Draken and his followers visited everyday, but the shield held strong against him. I quickly went inside the library, and started looking for the reference book on the Dark Dragon Doom.

After searching for about two hours, I finally found the book I was looking for. As I read the book, I learnt that the Dark Dragon Doom was a powerful spell, but how powerful it becomes depend on the caster.

The more powerful the caster, the more powerful the spell becomes. However, it also depended on the feelings of the caster at that time as well. If the person is angry, and wants to destroy the world, given that he is powerful enough to reach that level of destruction, he can destroy the world.

As I read, I found out that the Dark Dragon Doom is not just a spell for destruction, but also, if the user is powerful enough, he can enter the Curtains of Time. He would not be able to alter time, but he can go back into time in a Phantom form, and return back into the present. The present still continues, so if he were in the Past for a few days, the Present would be a few days after he had entered the Past.

There was also something else about it. It was said that if one have reached the power of the entities that help shaped the world, he could manipulate time itself. However, no one would be able to reach that power; it was a virtually impossible task.

I smiled. "And Master was too afraid to use the spell!" I chuckled. I requested if I could borrow out of the academy, and the Headmaster readily agreed. Once outside the academy, I teleported back into the island, my only thought bent on looking for my Master. However, my first action was to release the Hydra and the Basilisk that I had recently caught. I placed a spell on my Basilisk so that its look would not be able to kill anyone. It was sent into the forest to help the Combat Elves defend the Forest.

The Hydra was released into the Mountain where it stayed to protect the castle. Then, I continued looking for my Master.

When I saw him, I waved the book at him and ran towards him. I quickly showed him the page mentioned on what was said about the Dark Dragon Doom.

"Where did you find this book?" he asked, narrowing his eyes at me.

"The academy," I answered. "That is the secret of the Dark Dragon Doom. I have been wondering what it does and it is very powerful! We can use it on Draken!"

"Don't be hasty," my Master interrupted. "It is very powerful, but I am not going to sacrifice the whole world just to kill him. I am not going to use that spell and that's that. You can use it if you want to, but I allow you to use it because you are now the Dragonmancer of Kerrigan. Since I have to give up my role to trick Draken into believing that I'm dead," he shook his head.

"Well," I added quickly, "You are now the Dragonmancer's Mentor. Isn't that a more powerful position than being the Dragonmancer himself?"

"I suppose," he sighed. "Until Draken dies, I will have to stay hidden."

I nodded. "I'm going to train. You coming?"

"Do you realize what the time is?" he demanded. "It is already night! You have just missed your dinner. It is now being kept in the kitchen."

"Thanks," I quickly said, realising that I was hungry. I ran into the kitchen and wolfed down the Chicken and gulped some water. Then, I hurried into the Practice Hall. There, I whipped out the scroll and started studying it. I found out that it was a very powerful spell, a very powerful defence and attacking spell at the same time.

"And what spell is that?" my brother asked, striding into the practice hall. "Let me guess. You stole a scroll, a hydra and a basilisk from Draken's followers' realm."

My brother was either the omnipotent watcher of the universe or he could just simply read minds.

"How the hell did you know that?" I snapped, annoyed. It was probably the interruption from my training that made me edgy.

"I'm the omnipotent watcher of the universe," he replied. "And you still haven't answered my question."

I decided that he could read minds.

"You underestimate me!" he cried out.

"Stop reading my mind!" I yelled at him angrily.

He held up both his hands. "Okay, okay! I'll stop!"

I suddenly grinned. "You can't read minds," I sneered. "If you could, you would have known what spell it is!" I waved the scroll in front of him. He attempted to snatch the scroll away, but I easily pulled it out of his reach. "Besides, I have learnt a spell that can block my mind off anyone who tries to read it. Not even the most powerful mind-probing spell can break through it. Even if they could, well, mind reading is more complicated than just reading it like a book. It has a lot of complex nerve impulses to decipher and all that. It is a very difficult thing to do, and it takes quite some time to even translate the impulses. So, tell me, how did you know what happened?"

"Fine!" he answered. "I read the astrological signs and tracked Draken's movement. The stars foretell a great battle to come, I think. I'm no expert in reading the stars and don't understand anything about the planet's movements, but I could only interpret this – the huge battle…"

He paused to take a deep breath, and then continued. "Draken teleported there. I followed him to the funny place where you sliced off his followers' limbs and gorged out their eyes using the… I believe it's called the Dark Dragon Doom. I was about to strike when you used a recall spell to vanish into their realm!"

"Good for you," I muttered, turning away.

"What do you mean, good for me?" he demanded, his hands on his hips. "You know I can just kill you."

"You wouldn't!" I pretended to gasp, trying to look horrified. Actually, I knew he would not and that he was only joking.

His expression grew dark. "I am now an Official Horrific Master. I have changed over the past few years. You don't know me that well now."

With that, he blasted me with a spell. Dark energy washed over me but did me no harm.

"I want to duel with you," he added seriously. "I want to see who is stronger."

"No, brother," I muttered, shaking my head firmly. "I will not fight you."

"Shut up! I don't believe you won't fight!" he screeched as he dived at me with his sword. However, I stood still as the sword lunged towards my throat.

Suddenly, he stopped just as the sword was about to slit my throat. He was shocked by my actions.

"Brother, even if you kill me, I will not fight you," I said evenly.

He suddenly pulled his sword back and grinned. "Just kidding! You haven't changed at all! I knew you are still that gentle, meek and indecisive brother I had known a long time. You don't actually think that I will duel with you, did you?"

"I wouldn't count on it if I were you," I told him impatiently. " I have got better things to do."

"Like learning that skill?" he asked incredulously. "My brother, I won't even need that skill to become stronger. Such an insignificant spell may have negative effects on my training! I will only take the strongest spell! There is no way you are tricking me into learning the spells as you did. I will challenge you some day, and we must not have learnt the same skills. When that time comes, please go easy on me." he said mockingly as he knelt down before me.

I was extremely annoyed by this action and was insulted on top of that.

"Look, I'm not as strong as you, okay?" I was feeling very irritated. "So let me carry on with my training, will you?"

"Sure," he replied, and headed for the staircase. "I'm going to sleep now. Carry on your training." He faked a yawn. "See you tomorrow!" he disappeared into the shadows.

As I examined the scroll, I realized that there were more than one scroll. There were several others behind it and they were skills that were of great power.

The first was the Tornado of Fire and Ice. It creates a tornado around the user, protecting him from most spells an enemy would throw. Also, it pelts the enemies with Fireballs and Hailstones that freezes whatever they hit, effectively warding off powerful enemies while killing off the weaker ones.

The next scroll contained a skill called Shadowy Storm. Though sounded weird for a skill name, but nevertheless powerful. It was about entering the Shadow World so that normal enemies cannot attack the user, while he drains the energy and power of the victim. Unless the victim learnt how to enter the Shadow World, he was not likely to survive. My brother would definitely love to learn this dark skill. Unfortunately for him… he would not be learning it.

The third skill was probably the most powerful of them all. It was called Indestructible Entity. It makes the user indestructible as long as he had enough energy to sustain his indestructible form. I was elated. However, the condition of learning the spell was that the scroll would vanish once someone had successfully learnt the skill.

I quickly tried to learn the spells. I spent the entire night just trying to master the Tornado of Fire and Ice. It was very complicated such that I kept referring to the scroll for the next step.

For the next week, I practised not just intensively, but even more extreme. Even after everyone had left the Practice Hall, I was still there, practising. After a week, I finished mastering the scroll of the Tornado. Then, I started on the Shadowy Storm.

After a few days, I finished with the Shadowy Storm, and found how powerful the skill was. It can be used as a substitute for a teleport spell, as long as the destination had a shadow for the user to exit.

Instead of immediately starting on the Indestructible Entity, I memorized the details and wrote it down. I copied it down, trying to make another copy of the spell. After I had memorized the spell, I spent the next few months mastering all nine levels of the Indestructible Entity. As for the final tenth level, I was required to obtain the following items: a feather from a Phoenix, a scale from a Dragon, a radioactive substance, a piece of Chainsteel, some blood from the user and some blood from a Unicorn.

All I needed to find was a phoenix and a Unicorn. The rest was simple; I basically already had them. I knew where to get a radioactive substance, I had after all, learnt a lot from the Techno-Sorcerers. Some of their weapons contain radioactive substances in order to produce its ionisation effect, thus mostly Alpha radiation.

The next thing I did was to enter the Phoenix's Nest in Kerrigan. Like the Dragon, the Phoenix was one of the four guardians of Kerrigan. Each of the four celestial beasts had their representatives, for example the title of Dragonmancer. The Phoenix counterpart was Jim Davies. He had always wanted to duel with me since I first met him in the past. Master had always forbidden me to until I had become the Dragonmancer.

"So, your Master got killed, didn't he?" Jim Davies asked as I appeared in the threshold of the Phoenix's nest.

"I do not wish to talk about it. I am here to duel with you." I said flatly, staring at him trying to hide my expression. "And if I win, I will take a feather from your pet Phoenix. If I lose, lay your conditions."

"I will have your head!" he grinned evilly, and sprung forward.

I easily dodged him and sent a shockwave at him. He countered my shockwave and fired several Flaming Feathers at me. I used my Dragon claw to slash the arrows away, and lunged at him. I wanted to use only my Dragon skills against him, to see which skill is superior. If I were driven into desperation, I would then display all of my other skills to fight.

I stared in horror as his entire body was suddenly encased in fire. I pulled away at the last moment, saving myself a few burns.

I summoned my sword and tried to slice him. It did slice him, but did him no harm. How can I injure an enemy whose body was totally flames?

I was desperate for an early victory. Instead of waiting for his energy to die out, I created a void of emptiness around him. The ground he was standing on disappeared and he was soon floating in midair. His very existence was about to disappear when he suddenly moved, his entire flame body easily flowing out of the void before he was destroyed. I created a mini black hole in the air and dived away as it started sucking everything inside it. Jim Davies could not adhere to anything so he was being pulled towards the Black hole.

Knowing that he would get killed if he did not do anything, he reverted to his original form and grabbed hold of a rock pillar before he got sucked in.

I seized the chance to attack him. He let go of my support and allowed myself get pulled towards the black hole. I blasted Jim Davies with a shockwave and closed the Black Hole quickly.

Jim Davies fell on to the floor. I threw a Tidal wave at him. He took the full attack and was washed away. Crimson Hell kite appeared from the skies and bathed him with flames. He threw Flaming Feathers at it, but I withdrew Crimson Hell kite quickly.

He recovered from my attack quickly, and summoned a sabre. As he charged at me, I used the Tornado of Fire and Ice.

As the Tornado whirled around me, I saw him stop. His expression grew horrified as fireballs appeared and started bombarding him. He avoided all of them quickly. I threw hailstones at him, but he too avoided them.

I increased the intensity of the fireballs and Hailstones. He tried to get through, but a fireball slammed him right in the back, injuring him.

A hailstone lightly brushed his arm, but it was enough to freeze his arm. He quickly retreated, casting fire spells to thaw his arm.

Then, with determination in his eyes, he dived through the assault of the fireballs and Hailstones. Even as they hit him, he ignored the damage caused and continued his attack, his sabre aiming at me.

I used all my energy for this last assault. As he approached the Tornado, I tried to blow him away. However, he braved through the Tornado as though it was nothing. As he was half way through, I increased the velocity of the Tornado to the maximum. He was thrown off course, out of the range of the heavy assault.

He then gathered energy around himself, turning his entire body in flames. Then, his entire flame body dived at me. I knew that the fireballs and Hailstones had no effect on him, but I continued bombarding him with whatever I had.

I had nothing to worry about. He could not enter the Tornado. The Tornado blew flames in all directions, away from me.

He reverted to his original form and created a feathery shield around him. I continued my battle with him. Tornado against feathers. It was a pointless fight that was getting nowhere except depleting my energy.

I ceased the Tornado and sank into the Shadow World. He looked surprised as I slowly drained his energy. In the Shadow World, all was dark and there were shadow creatures lurking. So I quickly drained his energy.

However, like the smart person he was rumoured to be, he encased himself in a suit of fire feathers such that I could no longer drain his energy. However, I quickly emerged from the Shadow World and sent a huge Tidal Wave at him.

He was thrown off and his flames started to burn low. He reverted back, coughing while at it.

"I won't lose that easily," Jim Davis shouted as a bow materialised in his hand. An arrow also appeared in his other hand and he cocked the arrow, aiming at me, the tip of the arrow encased in fire.

I decided to withstand the blow with my Dragon Scales spell, knowing that Davis was very accurate with his bow, even with moving targets.

He fired the arrow at me. I embraced myself as the arrow slammed into my neck, exactly where the Dragon Scales spell was weakest. I should have known that he was smart enough not to just aim at my chest as most archers would, given his accuracy.

I fell back as the arrow jug into the neck armour, before exploding. The Dragon scales started to give way and I felt numb throughout my entire body. Blood trickled down a gash on my neck. The arrow had broken through the armour after all.

"I win," he cheered, grabbing a dagger out of nowhere. "Your head is mine!" He lunged at me with the dagger; a fatal killing blow if it landed.

It never did. My Chainsteel sword burst out of the ground in front of him and stopped just as the tip of the sword touched his neck.

"Don't try to turn into fire," I croaked, "Or I will cut your throat."

"All right, I give," he said, holding up his hands. "You win. Anyway, it is of no loss to me." He summoned a Phoenix. It cawed and flew towards me.

"Pluck off a feather," he said bored. "Don't know why you want it, as a trophy perhaps… But I think we will have another duel. What do you think?"

"As long as it does not involve my head," I muttered as I snipped off a feather with a mild spell. The Phoenix cawed once and flew towards its owner.

"Oh that!" he laughed. "That was a joke. You never thought that I was going to take a head for a trophy, did you?"

"Actually, I was thinking that I will win and do not have such worries," I told him truthfully. Then I decided to leave. "Know where to find a Unicorn?"

"Yeah," he nodded. "There is an injured Unicorn in the woods," he pointed towards the Forest nearby. "A Sorcerer accidentally attacked it, thinking it was a, well, something Dangerous. It ran away before he realized his mistake. He could not find it to heal it."

"Thanks," I said, looking at the Forest. "I can take it to my home to heal it, right?"

"Better it is if you take it," he agreed. "Only if you can find it. It is easy prey in the woods right now."

"All right, see you!" I shouted as I ran into the forest. As I searched for the Unicorn, I met several dangerous creatures along the way. There were huge Wurms, and I captured one that was armoured plated.

Eventually, I reached an opening; a clear area. It was huge, but I was to see a group of Unicorns together. They were protecting the injured Unicorn. As I approached them, they lowered their horns at me, as if to charge at me if I got any closer.

I pointed at the Unicorn, and nodded slowly at them. I raised a container, one that I had brought along to contain the Unicorn's blood in my journey.

After quite some time, they allowed me through. I used the container to quickly collect some blood. Then I tried to use a spell to close the wound up.

Its skin was torn opened on its back, and there was a huge fissure on it. I tried to heal it best I could, but such injury was beyond my power of healing. I teleported to back into the castle, and appealed to Sunstrike for help. Within twenty seconds, we were by the Unicorn's side, and Sunstrike was tending to it.

"What a spell!" he muttered disgustedly. He stared at the ragged hole and sighed. "This is the most challenging case I have ever seen."

"But you can heal it, right?" I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.

"I will do my best," he replied. Then, he knelt beside the Unicorn and started using all his knowledge of healing spells.

After several hours, we worked together to try and heal the Unicorn. However, not much could be done.

I quickly called Jim Davies for help. When I told him that we were working on it for hours, he did not believe me. However, he saw Sunstrike trying to use his spells on it.

"There is a better way," he said, lightly pushing Sunstrike aside. "Mages don't know much about healing, do they?"

I knew Sunstrike was insulted by that remark. He crossed his arms and glared at Jim Davies. "Go ahead," he said. "Show that you are better than me."

He grinned and summoned his Phoenix. "It has powers that we do not have. I believe that it can help."

I sighed in desperation. "What can a Phoenix do?" I demanded. "All it does is act like a bird and resurrect every five hundred years!"

"You are mistaken, my friend," he said giving us a wry smile. "I have been with this Phoenix for twenty years. I know its abilities more than everyone else. I watched it evolve from my pet Canary since I was seven."

"Don't just talk," I shot back at him. "Do something!"

"Already done," he told me and recalled his Phoenix. I realised that I had not seen what the Phoenix was doing. However, the Unicorn was already healing. Bones and flesh was regenerated.

"A regeneration spell!" I slapped my forehead. "Why didn't I think of that?"

"You actually knew that I used a regeneration spell?" Jim Davies stared at me. "You must be a very accomplished Mage."

"I'm a Summoner, not a Mage," I was irritated. "I just learnt some of their spells."

"Really?" he stared at me. "Thought you were a Mage. You were blasting me with spells of the Mages such as tidal waves and fire tornadoes, do not think that I was born yesterday."

"I can summon creatures right?" I was annoyed. "A Mage couldn't have possibly be a Dragonmancer too, you know. This is reserved for the Summoners."

He shrugged. "Whatever. All right, I have to go. See you another time!"

I nodded. Then, I turned to Sunstrike. "Let's go home. I have got what I wanted."

He stared at me suspiciously. "What did you want?"

"Heal the Unicorn. And obtain some of its blood for, well, experiments." I told him. "Of course, I was not the one who injured the Unicorn, it was a coincidence that I met it. Now that it is healed, let us go."

I waved to the Unicorns. The herd seemed content to have us around, but they kept on grazing. I placed a hand on Sunstrike's shoulder and teleported back to the island. The, I whipped out the vial of Unicorn's blood and the Phoenix's feather and stashed them in my quarters.

I knew that I have one thing to get, it was the radioactive substance. And, I basically knew where to find one. All I have to do is to borrow a handheld weapon from the Techno-Sorcerers and extract the core. The only problem is, how was I supposed to convince them to hand their weapon over?

I entered the Shadow World and travelled to a Techno-Sorcerers' headquarters. I had to slay several Shadow Jackals along the way, and a couple of Shadow Hunters.

I captured a Shadow Hunter, a Shadow Jackal, a Shadow Assassin and a Shadow Dragon along the way. When I finally arrived at the Headquarters, I was already exhausted. However, I still kept going.

I quietly sneaked into the weapon storage room near the conference room. As I searched for a handheld weapon that uses radioactivity, the door suddenly opened.

I quickly ducked behind the shelves of the different weapons. A Techno-Sorcerer entered the room, looking about for something.

"I'm sure I had left my Electro-Plasma Rifle here," he was talking to himself. "Things don't just disappear."

He searched the shelves for his weapon. I silently summoned my newly captured Shadow Jackal to attack him. It pounced from the Shadows behind the poor guy and knocked him out.

I recalled it quickly. Shadow Jackals loved to knock people out and then feed on the live body. I did not use the rest because, well, the other Shadow Creatures I have depend on a first killing blow; too deadly for my use. I had not wanted to kill him, but merely to knock him unconscious.

After that, I continued to search for the weapon I need. I found an Electro-Plasma rifle leaning against the wall behind a rapid-fire gun. I checked the nameplate on the weapon and also looked at the guy's name. Both names matched, so I lay it in front of his unconscious body.

After which, something caught my eye. I saw a weapon with the radioactive sign on its metal casing. It was the Alpha Ion Hand Cannon. I took it from the shelf and disappeared into the Shadow World.

When I finally appeared back at the castle, I quickly out all the things required together. I summoned Hell kite, and took a scale from it. Then, I cut myself with my sword and allowed the blood to drip into a container. Then I followed the instructions given.

After practising the skill for at least ten hours, I suddenly felt a huge wave of energy hit me like an avalanche. I collapsed onto the ground, trying to take in as much energy as possible. However, I finally fell unconscious on the Training Hall floor.

When I woke up, I realized that I was still in the Training Hall. However, I felt different. I could tell that I was more powerful than before.

When I used a simple Lightning spell, the cardboard target exploded into pieces as if it were a car explosion. I knew that I now had enough powers to even surpass that of my Master's.

After practising for quite a while, I went to return the weapon I had borrowed from the Techno-Sorcerers' Headquarters. As I tried to return it through the front door, the Guards chased me away. I insisted that they checked that this weapon was missing and that I was here to return it. However, the guards refused to let me through.

Finally, when one of their weapon researchers arrived, he told me to keep the weapon. He said that the weapon was broken, and was of no use to them. So I took it back to my quarters and started examining what the flaw of the weapon was.

Soon, after consulting the help from many Techno-Sorcerers, I finally repaired it. When I gave it a test, it was very power that destroyed almost everything in its path. However, it requires the help of Solar Energy as well as its own radiation.

With the remaining Unicorn's blood, I used the Techno-Sorcerer's technology to create a clone of it. It was genetically modified to be made stronger and faster. I had objected to it at first, but the Techno-Sorcerers were very persuasive. I had finally relented, not just to genetically modify it, but also to put it in a fast-time chamber where it matured quickly.

In a few hours, it was already a fawn. It became a full grown Unicorn in just a day, so I had it removed from the fast-time chamber immediately. Then I captured it and released it into the forest.

With a Basilisk, a Unicorn, a Hydra and all the natives of the island, including the Combat Elves, the Merfolk, the Angels, the Lizard folk, the Vampire and its undead minions protecting the island, there was no way even Draken can set foot on the island without suffering heavy injuries.

As for the castle, I placed many enchantments on it. It, like the academy that Sunstrike and his friends came from, was protected against teleportation. However, I made a slight alteration to the enchantment. I only allowed people like Sunstrike and his gang of five, my Brother, my Master and his friends.

Also, there was another enchantment that protects all other enchantments. It is an enchantment that cannot be detected by even the most powerful Sorcerer because it lies within the other enchantments itself. However, that particular enchantment could and had to be destroyed before the other enchantments could be affected by their spells. I was the only one on the island to know about this enchantment.

As I continued training with the others, my brother suddenly confronted me.

"Hey," he said, waving a hand at me. "You have not given this island a name! You can't go around telling everyone 'the island' this, 'the island' that. Surely it needs a good name."

I shrugged. "Well, what is the name of the Mountain?"

"What? You don't even know the name of the Mountain?"

"Does it even have a name?"

"What about the Forest? The Swamp? The Plain? The surrounding Waters? You don't even know their names?"

"That's right," I replied. "Let's ask the Natives, shall we?"

"Fine with me," he pretended to throw his arms up in surrender. "I will do-"

I had teleported out of the castle before he had finished his sentence. I materialised next to one of the Lizard folk's nest.

"What is the name of this Mountain?" I asked them, pointing at the ground. "Does it already have a name?"

"We have a name for it," one of them answered. "However, it is not your language. We call it Krovak Mountain. Krovak means indomitable in our tongue."

"Krovak," I tried speaking it. "Well, it is a good name. Thanks!" I gave a swift bow, then teleported into the forest.

I entered one of the Combat Elves' village. I approached one of the elder Combat Elves. He was at least a couple of thousand years old according to the other Elves.

He looked up at me and said, "You did fulfil the Prophecy," he stood up pushing his long hair behind his pointy ears. "Welcome, Dragonmancer. I – we have been expecting you."

"You have?" I asked, surprised. Then I quickly gathered my thoughts together. "Then you should know my purpose for being here."

"Actually, no." The Elf smiled and laughed. "It is just an expression we use. We didn't really expect you, but we knew you'd come. It is just our form of greeting."

"Well, okay," I replied uncertainly. "Well, do you guys have a name for this forest?"

"Yeah," the Elf nodded. "Sure. The name is Emerald Woods. That is our name for it."

I nodded. "Thank you for your help," I told them. "Now, I had better be going."

The Elf started to say something, but I had teleported away.

As I went on searching for names for the places on the island, I quickly teleport into the next place. Soon enough, I had collected their names. The Swamp was called Tekeno Swamp, the Plain was called Crystalline Field and the surrounding waters were called the Krovak Straits. However, I found that there was a huge underwater cavern inside the island. It was filled with Merfolk. It also found out that the total land area of the cavern was the same of that as the Volcano, the Swamp, the Plain and the Forest.

It was because of the cavern walls that gave the Merfolk restriction in their space. It was their home, and the cavern was not just a cavern but it was lush with green life. Light could reflect off some of the shiny wall surfaces into the Cavern, brightening it up. The Cavern was called Darth Island, and it was strange for a cavern to be called an island. Nevertheless, I thanked them for enlightening me, and then teleport back into the castle.

"I have decided to call it Krovak Island," I told my brother as I appeared.

"Yay! It finally has a name!" he cheered in joy. "Krovak is a good name. It'll bring us honour and glory as well as pride! Now we can live here peacefully. I hope."

"As do I," I muttered. "All right, it is time to train. I need to be more powerful."

"I'm already the most powerful person here," my brother sneered. I can beat Draken with my eyes closed."

"Well, I can't," I replied. "Just because you can doesn't mean I do not need to train."

"Why bother when you already have the most powerful person here?" he demanded. "Listen, you. If you become stronger than me, I will duel with you to see who is stronger."

"I can never attain such power," I protested. "If you were fighting on one side of the island, and other force comes in from the other side, who is going to ward them away? Me? With my current strength, I doubt that I can ward off an entire army."

"Then I will take care of both sides on my own." He grinned. "You underestimate me."

"I guess you are right," I muttered, trying to not to tell him that I doubted it. "However, I still need to beat my current strength. I-"

Suddenly, he burst out laughing. "I was kidding! Don't take it to heart. You can train yourself to be as powerful as you desire. However, you just can't grow stronger than me. My skills and abilities are superior to yours anyway."

"Then I shall train even harder to prove you wrong," I told him, still keeping a straight face. He laughed again.

"That's my little bro!" he grinned. "See you later!"

He vanished into thin air. I shrugged and proceeded into the Practice Hall. It was very empty and dark.

"Shouldn't Master and the five friends be training?" I asked myself. "Also, it is unnaturally dark in here. Why?"

Suddenly, I thought I saw a shadow move. Quickly, I whipped my head towards the shadow, which remained motionless.

"Finally this little island of yours have a name," a voice rang out from the hall. It seemed to come from everywhere, yet nowhere. "I have been spying on this little island ever since you stole my scrolls and started learning them. However, I have already learnt them, so it does not matter to me where it ends up."

"Show yourself!" I shouted angrily. "Who are you and what do you want?"

"Oh you already know me," the voice snickered. Then, a figure emerged from the shadows. I recognized him immediately.

"Draken!" I hissed, summoning my sword. "What the hell do you want?"

"You stole my scrolls, ran away, and when I approach you, you demand to know what I want. Very interesting. However, thoses scrolls are not what I want from you."

"Then what do you want?" I was really annoyed.

"Oh, you have been tricking everyone that Tom Hadley was dead, didn't you? Well, I took care of that." He said smoothly. "Just attacked him. He was worthy enough to be killed by my own hand. As for you, I'm not going to kill you."

"Then get lost."

"Don't you want to avenge your Master's death? Or you can't be bothered with such an insignificant matter?"

I did not believe him. He was lying. He had to be. There would have been a mental messenger to inform me of his death. Either that or a Dragon Spirit would have risen from his dead body and inform me.

"You are lying," I told him defiantly. "He can't be killed by you that easily. I will definitely not believe you."

"You are asking for proof," he replied. "I can give you that." He reached into his cloak and pulled out a small cage.

"No," I gasped in horror as I saw what was inside the cage. It was a White Dragon spirit.

"It tried to get to you after I blew him into oblivion," he said, tossing the cage at my feet. "I captured it before it disappeared. It was struggling to get out of its cage ever since." He waved his hand and the Dragon Spirit leapt out of the cage.

It flew towards me and sent me a mental note, "Tom Hadley is dead. Avenge his death!" Then, it disappeared in a puff of smoke.

I clenched my fist around my sword. "How did you get in the castle?"

"The castle is protected against teleportation," Draken smiled at me evilly. "However, it is impossible to remove the shadows of the castle. You can't just block a Shadow Gate. They are everywhere. You need a very powerful force to protect the entire castle from the Shadow World."

I knew the Shadow Gate referred to the entrance and the exit of the Shadow World. I had forgotten to cast enchantments to block the Shadow Gate.

I continued to stare at him as he started towards me. When he was at least ten steps away, I raised my sword and pointed at him.

"Stay where you are," I warned him. "Or I'll cut you in your step."

He stopped moving. "Let's make a bet, shall we?" he asked, still smiling. "We shall have a duel. If you win, I will make no demands on you. I'll accept whatever you decide even if that means taking my head and displaying as a trophy."

He paused for a moment. "However, if I win, you will spend the rest of your life battling for me at my side!"

I did not answer. I continued to stare at him with hatred in my eyes.

"Well?" he demanded, still giving that stupid smile. "Does your silence mean an assent? Or are you just afraid?"

"Afraid?" I scoffed at him, trying to put on a fair fight. "I don't think so. I'll take the bet, but only in a fair fight!" I recalled my sword. "Spells only."

"Ha! That's what I'm looking for in a lieutenant!" he laughed. "However, let's allow weapons, shall we? Only one weapon per person. That shall be the bet."

"Okay," I said, preparing to fire a shockwave. I scanned his face, looking for any signs of possible attacks he was going to use.

"Let's begin!" he shouted and threw a spell at me. I countered it with my shockwave and teleported behind him. He spun around to blast me with a lightning bolt, but I beat him to it. My lightning bolts slammed into him as he staggered back.

"How's that for a hard spell?" I shouted as I continued blasting bolts at him. Instead of falling over, he suddenly stood up and walked towards me.

"A good Sorcerer knows when to let his enemy strike first and use his own attacks against himself!" he laughed as he sent the lightning bolts back at me. The full force of the lightning bolts hit me because I was not prepared. He threw a fireball at me, burning me as it slammed into me. Embers flew everywhere as I quickly sent a Tidal wave back at him. He merely waved a hand to freeze the entire wave.

"What power…" I gasped as I avoided a dark energy bolt being flung towards my direction. It exploded, scattering debris everywhere. The entire castle would collapse if the fight continued in the Training Hall. I had to lure him elsewhere.

"You call this mere spells power?" he laughed, sending another lightning bolt at me. "These are the simplest spells I can ever think of!"

I countered it with a Counter Spell and went into the Shadow World. He followed me and drew his weapon, a double bladed jagged-edge long sword.

I summoned my Shadow creatures to attack him. However, he slew my Shadow Jackal with one swing of his sword. The Shadow Assassin attempted to stab him with a Shadow Dagger, but was thrown off by Draken's sword.

"Sending your lackeys to deal with me?" he laughed. "I'm no Summoner, but I can create animals to do my bidding too."

He summoned a Horror. It was huge; black in colour with slimy tentacles emerging from its back with purple poison emitting from pores of its tentacles. Its large eyes glowed red, and its arms could stretch like a rubber band. Its arms ended with reptilian but sharp claws, dripping with poison. It looked like an overgrown black lizard with squid tentacles protruding from its back.

It loomed over me, glaring at me with its huge eyes. I nodded to my Shadow Dragon and summoned my sword. "We can do this," I told my Shadow Dragon and gathered some energy around myself.

A huge claw swept towards me and I swung my sword to block it. At the corner of my eye, I noticed Draken sitting down and enjoying himself. I sent a fireball in the Horror's face and sent a Shockwave at Draken.

"My opponent is you!" I shouted angrily as he countered my shockwave. I lunged at him with my sword but he sidestepped me. I stumbled forward as he gathered energy in his hand and slammed onto my back. I crashed onto the ground, blood dripping from my mouth.

"Get past my creature and I will fight you," he sneered. "I want to see if you are really worthy enough to be my disciple."

He moved back, allowing his Horror to step in between us.

"Your pet won't last long," I warned him as I stood up, using my sword for support. "You will have to come up with something better than that."

"Oh, I have full confidence in its abilities to defeat you," he said. "It's you that I worry. You may not last long."

Instead of trying to think of a witty comeback, I threw a shockwave at the Horror. It endured the blow, than swung a stretchable claw towards me. I dodged the claw as my Shadow Dragon blasted it with a Shadow Ball.

The Horror threw a tentacle at the Shadow Ball in order to counter it. An explosion occurred as the Shadow Ball collided with the tentacle, sending the Horror staggering backwards.

It recovered itself quickly, and sent a few purple pills of gas at my Shadow Dragon. The Dragon retaliated by rapidly flapping its wings to blow the gas away.

"It's poison!" I shouted a warning to my Dragon. It nodded and continued sending gusts of wind at the Horror. It finally gave up emitting the gas and stretched a claw to attack the Shadow Dragon. It used its own claw to defend itself from the constant stretching claw.

I suddenly dived forward with my sword, slicing the claw. As the stump retracted, the Horror roared. However, not even a drop of blood fell from its wound. Instead, it began to regenerate. I stared in horror as the Horror grew its arm back, flexing it as if nothing had happened.

Suddenly, a lot of poisonous gas poured out of the tentacles. It began to flood the entire area. I quickly recalled my Shadow Dragon and used an Air bubble charm around myself to prevent myself from breathing in the toxic fumes.

It happened too quickly. A claw suddenly slashed me, forcing me back. I stumbled and fell backwards and dropped my sword. The claw came at me again, almost tearing through my air bubble.

I used the Tornado of Fire and Ice. As the whirlwind whipped around me, with fireballs and hailstones flying in all directions, I quickly thought through my plans. I wanted to use my Dark Dragon Doom against it. However, its stretchable claws and poisonous gas made it almost impossible to complete the spell.

Draken laughed. "The Tornado may work on most creatures, but not on mine."

I quickly increased the intensity of my Tornado as the Horror stepped closer. The fireballs harmlessly dissipated on its skin. Hailstones did not even freeze it or slow it down.

As a claw slammed into the Tornado, trying to break through, I further increased the intensity to its maximum. However, the claw broke through eventually and knocked me away. As I fell, the spell stopped and the Tornado, fireballs and hailstones vanished.

Then, instead of lying helplessly on the ground, I leapt up and lunged at the Horror, pointing my index and middle finger at it. As I flew towards it, its claws attempted to strike me, but I was protected by my Dragon Scales spell. With the Air Bubble protecting me from the poison, I dived through the cloud of poisonous fumes it was emitting and knocked it over with my fingers.

As it stumbled, I blasted a shockwave at it. However, although it did not seem so, it was fast. It jumped away from the shockwave, and sent another claw at me.

Instead of dodging the attack, I recalled my sword. It flew into my hand and I swung it, slicing the claw off. The stump retracted again, and it started to regenerate.

Draken snickered. "It's the same no matter how many times you try."

It was all part of my plan, actually. As it was regenerating, I gathered all of my dark energy to perform a Dark Dragon Doom. When the claw fully regenerated, it sent the claw at me again. I allowed for the claw to come within striking range of my sword, and then blasted it with my Dark Dragon Doom.

The Horror screamed as the Dark energy started to consume it. The dark energy started tearing it apart. His every fibre of being lined with excruciating pain, his every cell torn apart by dozens of micro-needles, his every nerve fired by the energy. Even its regenerating powers could not save it. Soon, its entire being was wiped out of existence.

I glared at Draken. "How's that?" I shouted. "I thought you were confident that your pet could defeat me? What happened?"

Before Draken could reply, a sword pierced him from behind and emerged from his front. As I watched, confused at the sudden turn of events, my brother stepped out from behind him.

He was the one who stabbed Draken.

He grinned, his hand still holding onto his sword. Blood dripped out of Draken's wound and mouth.

"You…" Draken croaked. "How dare you…"

"Come! Give me your strength!" my brother interrupted him. "If I absorbed your powers I'll be invincible!"

I watched as my brother slowly drained Draken of his spirit energy and magic, and grew much more powerful.

Draken died in immense agony. And my brother grew much stronger. I sighed a breath of relief.

"He is finally dead!" I cheered. "Now I don't have to put up with him and his followers."

My brother looked at me strangely. "Oh, really? Don't you think it is too easy to kill him?"

I became confused. "Whatever do you mean?"

His voice turned cold. "I was the one attacking from the start. That Horror was mine. I am supposed to kill you. That Draken was a mere puppet who failed."

"I still don't understand," I muttered, backing away.

"Time to die!" he shouted and lunged at me with a weapon. I quickly blocked the blow, but made no move to fight back.

"What are you doing?" I shouted as his sword cut the edge of my sleeve. Suddenly, he laughed and threw death energy balls at me as if I were his greatest enemy. I countered his attacks and dived away, quickly emerging from the Shadow World. He followed, still blasting me with all sorts of spells.

I still refused to attack him, and quickly tried to get away. Despite that, he still threw many spells at me. Suddenly, as I ran into a dead end, he slowly walked towards me.

"Great!" I cursed silently. I turned to face my brother, who was changing his shape as he slowly advanced.

"So you were Draken all along," I said as he shape shifted back to his real self. "I should have known."

"You do not dare to attack me when I disguised as him," he observed. "I told you, that Draken back there was a puppet. He was too weak and deserved to die. I am the Mastermind."

I launched myself at him when he had just completed his sentence. I slashed viciously at him with my sword. My repeated blows forced Draken back, and with such ferocity, I almost dealt a fatal blow on him.

I mustered all my strength and speed, and slammed my sword onto his, almost breaking his sword into two. However, he shoved back at me, and slashed horizontally, drawing blood.

I fell back but I attempted to strike him again. He gave an exaggerated sigh and sent a spell at me.

The dark energy bolt leapt out of his fingertips like a frog's tongue reaching out for its prey. It slammed into my sword with full force, almost melting the Chainsteel. I stared in horror as cracks appeared on the blades of the sword.

As the cracks branched throughout the entire sword, I felt a slight pain in my sword arm. Then, the entire sword shattered and I screamed in agony as excruciating pain ran up my arm. My entire arm was screaming in pain and I collapsed onto the ground, tearing at my arm with my other hand.

Draken grinned evilly. "You are going to live in that kind of pain for the rest of your life unless you find a very powerful creature's life-force to repair your sword." He turned away. "You are just not powerful enough…" he disappeared without a trace.

I did not observe him because my arm felt as though screws were driven through it and torn apart. I could not even concentrate to perform a spell to halt the pain.

I summoned my Hell kite. "I need to find a way to ebb the pain," I tried to say but before the words even formed in my lips, I was screaming in pain again.

However, Hell kite understood what I wanted to do, but had no idea how to begin. He then flew towards the remains of my Chainsteel sword and scooped them up with its claws. Then, he dropped the pieces in front of me and started to gather energy around itself.

"No!" I yelled as Crimson Hell kite began to glow. I could not stop him because the pain in my arm forced me down. However, I understood what Crimson Hell kite wanted to do. He wanted to sacrifice himself and use his life force to restore the Chainsteel sword.

As more energy was pumped into Crimson Hell kite, the pieces of the Chainsteel sword also glowed. The pain in my arm was also subsiding. I stared as Crimson Hell kite fused with my sword, forming a different sword that was bright Crimson at the hilt, but shining silver at the blade.

It was still made of Chainsteel, but with Crimson Hell kite's life force flowing through it. It was most definitely many times more powerful than before, because before, it was just a normal sword that I summon at will to fight. Now, my sword has a mind of its own, like a spirit weapon.

In order to honour Crimson Hell kite whom had sacrificed himself to help me, I decided to name the new sword, Hellkite. I raised my sword and yelled, "I name thee, Hellkite!"

I thought I had heard a roar after I named it. However, there was no one around as I looked at my sword again. To my surprise, the word Hellkite was etched on the side of the blade nearest to the hilt. It ran vertically downwards, such that the letter 'H' was nearest to the hilt and as the letters continued, towards the tip of the blade.

I brought my sword down, and started to trudge back. One look at the surroundings, I realised that I was in Kerrigan. I then teleported back to the castle, vowing to find Draken and kill him.