A Tim Horton's Experience: Virginia's Story

My first day of work at Tim Horton's was July 6th, 2004. It was my first job. I was nervous and really shy around everyone. On July 20th, 2004, the new location opened and I worked that afternoon. I was one of the original employees at Tim Horton's location 2632. Since then, I have gotten over the nervousness I first felt and have learned everything that there is to learn about working as a storefront worker and 'baker' at Tim Horton's.

After about three months, I applied for the crew trainer position. Out of all the applicants, I was among the five employees who were promoted. I got my first review the same day I received the promotion. I was ecstatic. I learned how to give a new employee their orientation, measure for their uniform and fill out all of the paper work. I also began to teach the new employees how to work the cash register, get donuts, make sandwiches, and everything else I knew. I trained new bakers in the kitchen. I have seen the trainees come and go. Some have quit, others were fired.

I have worked a holiday and been in the store before it re-opened on Boxing Day. When the New Year rolled in, three supervisor positions opened. I applied for this position along with many of my new friends and co-workers. When three of my fellow crew trainers were promoted to supervisor, I was disappointed that I wasn't one of them and at the same time I was sure that they would all do a great job and that they all deserved the promotion.

Once the new semester began at school, I started to feel a lot of pressure from my workload, at school and Tim Horton's. I thought long and hard about my options and finally, I made the decision that was best for me. On February 22nd, 2005 I signed my resignation letter. I would finish the posted schedule, my last day being on February 27th, 2005.

I have been employed at Tim Horton's for a few days short of eight months. I will miss working there, the people I worked with and of course the employee discount. Maybe this job was so hard to leave because it was my first job. Who knows, I might have even stayed if I had received the supervisor position. Either way my last day will come and go, I will hand in my uniform and I will remember all of the lessons I learned at my first job.