Black Bird

The cicadas sing in the trees,

Just the thought of it makes me sad.

The buzz of the dying bees

Makes the end of summer feel bad.

As bad as the plane crashing to the ground,

As bad as the bear being shot,

Just as bad as the hammer's pound,

On the only thumb I've got.

Why are there tears in your eyes?

Why does the black bird call?

Why does sun fall from the sky?

When will the frost die to dew?

When will dusk turn to dawn?

When will the flowers be new?

It's all come to a journeys end,

The black bird flies to the sea,

Will we ever meet again?

Across the sea goes the black bird,

Flying away from me with all that I heard.

Lay down your head, listen for the birds.

Wipe the tears off your face,

Soon they'll be back with the white gulls,

On white ships back to this place,