Last Thoughts

Hearts fallen through out the ages,

Words broken through out the world.

The knife stays strong

While the cut breaks open.

The arrow still spins strong

As it passes through Achilles tendon.

And though I tried I'm still achin',

The wound is worst than your words.

Blood pours down while the gun is cooling.

(The knife begins to break)

Something I saw in his eyes made me cry,

(The arrow begins to snap)

I saw his anger as it spilled with my blood,

(The gun begins to crack)

His tears were as silent as my breath.

(Silently, dying)

Slowly I hugged him before I left.

(Before I left)

Dying apart I saw the reason why,

(Reason why)

He tried to hold it but the wound seeped,

(I am dying)

In the tangle of blood he said sorry.

(Slowly dying)

I said something I though I never would,

(Going cold)

I forgive you, I know how it feels


To be so wounded.


I know how the knife shatters,

(Knife has shattered)

How the arrow snaps,

(Arrow has broken)

How the gun breaks,

(Gun has cracked)

I know cause I was the knife...

I was the arrow...

I was the gun...

(The gun)

That shot you down...

But it's a little late,

(A little late)

I never really thought...

(I should have thought)