Chapter 2

"Shh…" hissed a masculine voice in Kat's ear, "you wouldn't want to arouse any suspicions would you?"

Kat groaned and began squirming violently against the arm that had wrapped around her waist like ice, a chilly fear encircling her every being. Her back was pressed up against the hard chest of her attacker, and with his steely grip, she couldn't see herself getting free anytime soon. She tried to scream, but it only came out as a muffle moan.

"I never knew you to be one to struggle, Katherine," the voice added as warm breath slid across her ear.

Kat froze and her fear dissolved. Nobody, nobody, but one person said her name like that. Nobody. Abruptly, Kat's squirming commenced once more, but this time doubly violent. In her hurry to be released, she somehow managed to get her mouth free. "Get your filthy hands off of me, Joshua," she voiced in a half-shriek.

"Only if you promise not to kill me," replied he smoothly.

Kat considered her options for a moment in her head. She could either get him to remove his repulsive arm from around her waist, or not be able to kill him. Now that was a tough one… 'Well, it's not as if his arm being there is too bad,' thought Kat, 'It's rather... Wait a sec-' Kat abruptly shook her head to clear her mind of any disturbing and self-betraying thoughts. And Josh, having not heard her inner turmoil, mistook this shake of head as her saying no to his offer. As a result, he tightened his grip around her waist, his hands digging into Kat's stomach almost painfully.

After pinching her sides, he let out a fake, dramatic sigh that made Kat want to rip out his vocal cords. "Fine, then," he murmured, "I guess we'll have to stay here for a while."

Kat knew he would gladly waste her time, if only to annoy her, so she was forced to dig deep into her pockets of persuasion. Feeling as if she found some loose change, Kat opened her mouth in response, "What about those championship games you need to be at?" she asked, masking her desperation.

Josh smirked, although Kat couldn't see it. "Well, I guess I'll just have to tell Coach Morrison that you kept me…busy," the insinuation was enough to test Kat's gag reflexes. "What with all these kinky bruises you're sure to leave from your incessant squirming, I'm sure he'll believe me."

"You wouldn't," Kat inhaled sharply as she pushed too hard against his arms, causing one of his hands to dig mercilessly into her side, "dare tell him anything," she finished in an oddly confident tone.

And to her surprise, Josh agreed, slightly relenting his hold on her. "You're right. That'd be too much of a scratch on my reputation. I mean, me associating with you in any sense. Nope. No way."

'Typical,'thought Kat before outwardly voicing her thoughts, "Get over yourself, asshole!" She suddenly stopped moving as she remembered something that had been nagging her during their entire encounter, "And what the hell were you thinking, sneaking up on me like that? I was about to change. You could have seen something."

"I'm sure as hell glad I didn't."

Kat let out a strangled scream and began her rampage against Josh's arms once more, ignoring the slight pain that was increasing in the area around her stomach. "You are such an ass!" she said between ragged breaths. Pausing, she decided her insults weren't getting her anywhere and her movements slowed, but only slightly. "Will you please just let me go?" She felt like an idiot for actually asking for something from Josh politely, so she made her meaning a bit clearer, "I need to get changed so I can start doing the work you were supposed to be doing today."

Behind her, Josh's eyes lit with an odd pleasure. "As you wish, Katherine," he agreed silkily. Timing his actions perfectly, he removed his hands just as Kat was lurching forward in order to be released, causing her to tumble forcefully onto the unforgiving linoleum floor. "Whoops."

It took Kat a short while to recuperate after unexpectedly finding herself splayed inelegantly on the ground. Although, once she did recover, her first action was glaring fiercely at the one who had caused her fall in the first place. She expected that he would be in his typical "man stance," with his legs spread a shoulder width apart and his arms crossed over his chest, such that his muscles appeared all the more menacing. His face, of course, would be wearing that silly smirk of his and his eyes would display all things condescending (Kat had been audience to this "man stance spectacle" ever since her earlier days…and how she loathed it). However, she found with surprise that Josh wasn't even sparing a glance in her direction. In fact, he wasn't even facing her. Instead, Kat was met with his back as he fiddled with something on one of the closet's top shelves. Before Kat could give any other thought to what he was doing, Josh turned back around and grinned unctuously at her position on the ground.

"You know, I would offer you a hand, but it'd be a shame to dirty myself up, wouldn't it?" he said with a sarcastic grin.

Kat raised an eyebrow, "Well, then. Since you are so concerned about your cleanliness, I suggest you leave this dingy little closet before the 'dirt' on my shoes comes in contact with your groin."

"Woah there, Katherine," Josh held his hands up in surrender. "No need to get violent. And anyways, I just got what I came for." Josh held up a ratty, old baseball glove, "It's my lucky glove. And now that I have it, I'll be pleased to leave your presence." Josh then turned on his heel and went out the closet through a back door that led outside. Katherine hadn't even noticed the door until he had used it.

Josh's departure took a load off Kat's shoulders that she hadn't even realized was there. 'Thank God he's gone,' she thought with a relieved sigh. She then frowned confusedly, 'But where the heck did that door come from?' She sat on the floor in a befuddled daze as several minutes passed by. It wasn't until she heard the successive high pitched beeps of her digital watch that she realized what time it was. "Crap! It's already noon. Store's opening this second!" she said to herself, in a panicked tone.

Kat frantically began pulling her white T-shirt off over her head. In her hurry, her head got stuck in the collar and she was forced to yank forcefully on her shirt's hem in order to remove it. After the fourth yank, it flew off of her head and somewhere into the corner of the closet. Kat didn't go to retrieve it. She had no time. She had to get out front. She couldn't be late on the first day! So, she yanked her work shirt over her head, put on her hat, and pinned her nametag to her shirt as she jogged out the closet door.

When she got out front, she found that no customers were there. Thank God. Still, there was no time to waste. She jogged to the stool that was behind the cash register and sat down with a thump. It seemed that as soon as her pants touched the stool, the door opened with a jingle of bells.

"Hi. Welcome to Dino's…," her voice trailed off as the mother of a small girl interrupted her, ordering a kid's size chocolate sundae and two scoops of vanilla on a waffle cone. After punching in the woman's order, Kat looked towards Norm, making sure he'd caught it. He was already digging into the vanilla ice cream with his scoop. She quickly turned back to her customer.

"Will that be all?" she asked in her best customer friendly voice. The woman nodded while glancing at her watch. Seeing that the woman was in somewhat of a hurry, Kat quickly told the woman her total and took the cash from the woman's hand. Seconds after Kat had given back the change, Norm finished the order and handed the ice cream to the customers.

This was Kat and Norm's routine for the most part of the day. Even the "little league rush" didn't get them out of step, although several uniform-clad youngsters did come by in all their loose-toothed glory. All in all, the day was a success…until Josh showed up after his games.

It just so happened that the team had won the tournament, due to Josh's "excellent" homerun…in the last inning… of their final game…with two men on base. His team had been down by two, so, of course, it had to be up to Josh to hit the amazing homer that barely won them the championship game. This, of course, was bad news to Kat. The last thing she wanted to do was put up with Josh's incessant bragging. But, hey! She had no choice. Now that Josh had returned from his game, she was kicked off of her seat behind the register, and told by Josh to go and empty the trash as a "congratulatory little gift" for him.

The worst thing was, she had to do it. Now that the game was over, Norm was no longer supervising her actions, Josh was. And, boy did he make it hell for her. And the fact that she had to obey his orders wasn't even what was truly angering her. What bothered her most was the fact that Josh was the lucky one who got to wear the T-Rex hat! She truly began to loathe her stupid stegosaurus.

When her shift ended, Kat headed to the back closet she had previously changed in to retrieve the shirt she had haphazardly thrown off. Unfortunately for her, the shirt proved difficult to find. After searching the floor, the lower and middle shelves, and even the upper shelves, she was thinking about giving up and buying a new shirt. However, it was at that moment she noticed a hint of white peeking out from the corner of the top shelf (where light, unfortunately, was quite sparse). Standing on tip-toe, she felt around the uppermost shelf until her hands came across what she hoped would be her T-shirt. She yanked the cotton fabric and found that it was indeed her shirt that she held in her hands, but the shirt wasn't what caught her attention. It was the security camera that had been positioned right above where it had rested.

'Holy crap!' were the first words that crossed her mind. Then came a mortified, 'could someone have been watching me change clothes?' Just after that thought had come to mind, Kat noticed the camera was facing the wall. 'What the heck? Shouldn't it be facing a door or something?' Then, right before her eyes popped the image of the one and only Joshua Whedon fiddling with what he claimed to be his baseball glove…in the very corner the camera was located. 'What would a baseball glove be doing there, of all places anyways?' thought Kat.

In order to find an answer, she stepped up onto the lower shelves, enhancing her view of the top shelf. When she could finally see the highest shelf's surface, she noticed that it was completely caked in a thick layer of dust, save a few streaks of wood where the dust had been removed by Kat pulling down her cotton T. There was no way a baseball glove could have been up there without leaving a large dust-free area, and if that was the case, Josh's fiddling in the corner made no sense.

Kat confusedly jumped down from the shelves she had been standing on. After several moments of hopeless pondering, she came to the only comprehensible conclusion she could draw: It seemed Josh had adjusted the camera…but why? So she could change without being viewed by any person who happened to be watching the tapes at that moment? Had Josh just saved her from a load of humiliation?

Wait a minute. Why would Norm tell her to change in that closet if he knew a camera was in it…and most of all, why would Josh reposition the camera?

Even better, why would he care?

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