What are you? A wimp. A coward. A crybaby.

You're nothing.

Shut up! No I'm not!

Why fight it?

Because I can!

Admit it, you're afraid. Afraid to speak. Afraid to dream. Afraid to even try.

You're too afraid to live.

If I am, so what!

Why fight it?

Because I have to!

What are you? You're hiding. Talking tough. Speaking lies.

You're a mask.

That-! That's not true!

Paint and plastic. Shiny and useless for anything but decoration.

Be quiet! Stop it! Stop saying things like that!

In the end you'll be abandoned. By your friends. By your family. And finally by your mask.

You're a disappointment.

Shut up! Be quiet! It won't happen! It won't!

A failure.

Go drown yourself in a puddle, you reject.

...stop it, please.