A World of Silent Pictures

Can one find peace in the agonizing night?
Wandering through an endless jungle in which nothing grows,
I ask the stars to cry tears of blackness.
The seeds of hate too late to sow.
I flicker in and out of reality,
How far I've come from then God only knows,
How far I have left, God only knows.

I burn inside with this unbearable pain.
Stained with red sin I scream into the blank and staring sky,
The moon reflects into my heart,
Let the loose the need and drive away the tears of tonight.
Don't hold back the pain anymore,
Only now do I have the courage to die,
Let me alone to face the dark and die.

Unseen I move through the world a ghost.
Unheard I cry out to the visions that lay ahead in the distance,
The world turns back in time,
It all breaks into nothingness with resistance.
The irrepressible roar of silence all around,
The rain will always cut my skin again.
The rain will always wash it away again.

Rusty paint hangs in the air forgotten by time.
Nothing stirs like a dead world of silent pictures fading away,
Softly with these lips I whisper against the night,
Numbly I move on through the ice wishing not to stray.
Is it too late to save a damned soul,
To only myself I murmur this out loud over and over,
Sadly I raise this gun and kill myself over and over.