Part One Humble Beginnings.

Prologue The Unfinished Story.

Kyadus awoke in a chilling sweat to the faint sound of screaming. It took a few seconds for him to remember where he was, and a look of disgust washed over his face. This wasn▓t where he belonged, nobody belonged in such a horrible place as this, but there he was nonetheless. ⌠How did it come to this?■ he asked himself as much as God. A faint glimmer of hope still gleamed in his eyes, remembering just a few short days ago. All of the hope that he had held within his spirit while he was a fugitive had been drained from him, and all that he had worked for had become purely worthless, but nothing in this cruel and forsaken world could take away that beautiful twinkling of pure crystalline hope in the eyes. Kyadus just lay on his bunk there for a few moments and let the sorrow pass out of him. He was finally thinking clearly for the first time since his quest began, because failure had shocked his erratic mind back into nice regularity. Three of his close friends are now dead and one mangled because he had a dream that was worth reaching at the time, and still worth reaching, damn it! Now all he could feel was that he let himself down, his friends down, the world down, and even God down. He couldn▓t wait until the fateful day he was set free. He would make up for the deaths of his friends and take the government down right this next, and hopefully final, time he tried.
Kyadus had been awake for two minutes by the time a big hulking guard of this certain Maximum Security Facility for the Criminally Insane walked by and screamed, ⌠Wake up, it▓s seven o▒clock. It▓s time for your morning medication! Don▓t make me drag you up to the counter! You have to take your medicine or else I get to punish you, and then you have to take your medicine anyway! So save me some time and yourselves some pain and just do it right the first time! I am not afraid one bit to make you bastards bleed a little! Hell, it will be good for you!■ Sorhan woke up with a startle after the speech was finished and said in a cranky voice, ⌠What? Already? Man, I had a good dream going too.■ The guard snapped around with surprising speed and fluidity for such a large man and shouted in an even more terrifying and demanding tone than he had before, ⌠You back talking me boy?■ Sorhan straightened up and quickly replied in a trembling voice, ⌠No sir. I was not back talking you at all, sir.■ ⌠That▓s better. Now hurry up and get a move on!■ shouted the guard as he walked away, beating a larger than normal club into his empty palm as he went.
Sorhan, not willing to risk further persecution, kept his mouth tightly shut as he started to get ready to face this new day. Voicing his full outrage for the first time, Kyadus stated, ⌠Stupid prison guards, kicking us around like common street trash. We▓re humans that deserve freedom, the freedom I▓ve been fighting for all my life. The Mozahki Empire is holding us down because they▓re afraid of our power. If the will to act is strong enough, terror will be wrought upon the land! They know how much power we have, and that we can actually accomplish our task, that is why they pursued us with such dirty and underhanded tactics. We had a firm foothold in the uprising until they captured me. Now, all that work we did counts for nothing. This so called government is appalling, I am actually ashamed of myself for having tolerated it for so long, and actually revering it at one point. They defend the rich and attack the poor, but that will soon change. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but in my lifetime there will be a revolution and I will stand at the head of it!■ Out of breath Kyadus sat down and calmed himself. Sorhan▓s jaw was hanging open slightly. ⌠Wow! Quite powerful words. You must have been very passionate about this before you got here.■ ⌠Yeah, what▓s it to you?■ replied Kyadus in an emotionless tone. ⌠Nothing,■ Sorhan said, taken back by Kyadus▓ rapid change in mood and demeanor. ⌠I just find it interesting. That▓s all.■ ⌠So you find my horrible pain and suffering amusing?■ ⌠That▓s not what I meant,■ Sorhan said, trying desperately to keep himself from digging himself any deeper into this hole. ⌠If I ever get out of this wretched place I may be willing to join up with you. You are right, this government does blow.■ ⌠Alright, we better get going, or the guard is going to have a heart attack.■ Kyadus said with a look of deep concern. While walking toward the breakfast hall, where both food and the morning pills were served, the faces of his lost companions flashed through his memory. With a sigh and a look of discontent, Kyadus pressed forward through his mental torture. He fought his way through a dark battlefield of nightmares and returned to the lighted world once again.
Sorhan, noticing Kyadus▓ weird behavior and that really odd look on his face, asked him, ⌠What▓s the matter with you? You are acting really funny.■ Still deeply steeped in thought, though no longer in the lightless realm of despair, Kyadus didn▓t respond. Sorhan, angry at this point, smacked Kyadus on the back of his head, which effectively jerked him from his train of thought. ⌠What could you possible want now?■ shouted Kyadus. ⌠I would love to know why you▓re so disconnected from reality,■ snapped Sorhan in a spiteful tone. ⌠Why do you have to act like this?■ ⌠Why do you care anyway?■ Kyadus said as he leaned against the wall.
⌠You are my roommate here, and I would like to think a friend as well. I just want to make sure you are okay. I am stuck in this place too and even though I am not pissed off at the world quite the way you are, I am still capable of empathy.■ ⌠Even if I told you everything and explained it at the mental level of a five year old it would be nearly impossible, if not totally impossible, for you to know the full extent of my pain. I don▓t even think I can totally understand how much pain there is after all I▓ve been through.■ ⌠I▓m certain I can understand it to some degree. I▓ve been through some rough times in my life too. You▓re not the only person in the world who has ever suffered a tragedy or two.■ ⌠If you think what you▓ve gone through is bad, then buddy you haven▓t seen shit. Do you know what it▓s like to lose someone close to you?■ ⌠Of course I do. It happens to all of us. Both the weak and the strong.■ ⌠Do you know what it▓s like to be the reason they died?■ ⌠In a way it feels like it.■ ⌠Do you know what it▓s like to hear a miserable girl weep as she talks about her dead father, whom she thought the world of and loved more fiercely than most people could ever love their parents, just a short while after you killed him?■ At this point in the conversation Sorhan felt that his words would only get in the way, so he shut up and played close attention to whatever else Kyadus had to say.
⌠Do you know what it▓s like to hear the screams of the people you are murdering? Do you know what it▓s like to get into a shootout with a foreign army in a cold and distant land? Do you know what it▓s like to watch you best friend die in your arms, and then have the honor left to carry his body around with you for hours?■ Sorhan stood in amazement at what his roommate just got finished saying. He tried to wrap his mind around the things Kyadus had said, but he just wasn▓t able to comprehend such extreme situations.
⌠Still think you can understand my pain to some degree?■ Kyadus asked with a peculiar smirk on his face.
⌠Not at all,■ Sorhan said quietly. ⌠I almost regret asking in the first place.■ ⌠Consider yourself lucky, because that was only a taste of all that I have been through the past several months,■ Kyadus said as he pushed himself off of the wall. ⌠Only one bite of the seventy-two ounce porterhouse of pain and misery, suffering and woe.■ ⌠It gets worse?■ he asked.
⌠Oh hell yeah, it gets a hell of a lot worse than that.■ ⌠It▓s hard to believe that any human being could go through so much. I am lucky my suffering is not even a fraction of what yours must be.■ ⌠You still really want to know my story, don▓t you?■ asked Kyadus with confusion on his face. ⌠You are curious and want to see just how much worse things could possible get. I don▓t think you are ready to hear the whole thing, not yet anyway.■ ⌠Yes I am! I am all for it, that is if you don▓t mind that is.■ Sorhan said. ⌠It▓s a long story, so here we go.■