as tear streak down
I remember at time i promised I never cry again,
but then you came along and broke those walls
slowly down
you promised never to hurt me but
in the end you did
so now I cry not sad tears
but tears of joy because
now I can embrace life
and finally love once again

with gentle hands you cupped my face
you said you loved me
even though I don't say anything
you kiss me once gently
then turn away
" you may not love me but I will always be there"

I think of that day and cry
because now that I love you
you moved on,
so now with tears I watch you walk away once more
your eyes no longer sad, but filled with love of another.
I turn away just like you had
with tears in my eyes
and with the thought of...
Unrequited love

I wrote this while talking to my best friend.