Save Me

A sunset falls over the trees,
painting them blood red.
I feel the heat of the moment sweep me away,
as I dream back to those old days.

My wings spread out, floating idly,
your hand in mine, our bond perfected.
I knew that something was right.
I just didn't know it was you.

I let you down, gently of course,
on the ground of the forest of lights.
San Francisco hasn't looked so lovely in months.
The music still flows through it.

Isn't it magical? Our dance; the tango -
Passion, lust, heat.
All those things I was too afraid to admit I wanted,
and I wanted them from you.

Maybe you never shared my feelings,
maybe you did, or maybe you knew.
But the facts don't change -
I don't want to risk it.

I want to save you, and everyone else,
but I feel like I'm drowning in my feelings.

My breath. Its catching. I can't feel my legs.
I'm falling down, I cannot fly.

Can you save me? Can you?
I need to be saved, before I die,
before my feelings suffocate me, paralyse me,
leave me strangled in a mess of weeds.

The angels have fallen, led by me.
Because I wouldn't let you save me.
I thought I'd be fine with your hand of friendship.
But I need you like I've wanted you for
longer than I will EVER admit.

A/N: I think you can see hints of another of my poems, maybe even more. Don't ask about this, its disturbing me.