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Story note Some of you will think that this part is unnecessary… I don't know, it may well be. I've posted it anyway, because I think it just sort of completes the story, and ties up any loose ends. Tell me how I went ok?

One Day
Part Two

A Moment In Time

"Carter. Get up. Now," I command Carter.

He buries his head under the blankets again. "Get fucked."

"I will not," I tell him. "Now get the fuck up, it's almost lunch time."

"Don't care," he mumbles.

I crawl onto the bed, fully intent on dragging him out when he grabs me and pulls me under the blankets.

"What are you doing?" I whisper dramatically.

"Nothing," he says, with a wide-eyed innocent look.

I laugh and pull the blankets off up, destroying our make-shift tent.

He laughs and kisses my cheek first, and then on the lips.

"I love ya, Bee," he says, when our make-out session hits a lull.

"Mmm," I say. "Love you too."

And Carter, who never removes his mouth from mine, starts to unbutton my shirt again.

The End