Initially, Ailyn didn't stir when he felt the weight settle on the bed beside him. Drowsily, he curled closer to the source of warmth, assuming it to be James.

"Wake up Little Prince, it's time to go..." Ailyn gasped and jerks away, scrambling backwards at the sight of the dark haired stranger, lit by a flood of moonlight.

"Who, who are you?" He muttered, already feeling nauseous and disoriented. The noise of the Harvest Festival rose through the window, still quite loud. Ailyn's eyes unconsciously sized up the man in his bed- long, lean limbs, dark hair, pointed ears, and something very, very familiar...

"Why darling it is I, Luc. And you, love, are wasting precious time. So if you'll be a dear, and please don't take this personally..."

Luc crawled forward with something feral, something slightly insane, aflame in his eyes. Ailyn tried to scramble out of bed, only Luc caught his ankle before he could get very far. Ailyn cried out, clawing at the sheets and kicking out, but Luc simply dragged him close. His pleas became muffled behind a cloth in Luc's palm, covering his nose and mouth. Ailyn inhaled out of instinct, and a scent like spicy wood and whiskey filled his senses. Ailyn was suddenly drowsy and tired all over, and despite his efforts, he slumped backwards against Luc.

Luc smiled fondly, albeit strangely, and pet Ailyn's soft hair. He happily leaned down, breathing Ailyn's scent and smirking to himself. Hoisting the boy off of the bed, he draped him over his shoulder and slipped back behind the portrait.

Hastily, Luc darted down the hidden path, undisturbed by the unnatural quiet and complete darkness. He counted the secret passages as he passed, following the Whipping Boy's close instructions and pausing at the fourteenth door with the handle engraved with a lions head.

Luc shifted the unconscious prince on his shoulder, to be certain he would have good leverage in case any guards were around. He flicked the handle and the seamlessly blended door panel opened towards him. Thumbing aside the tapestry in front of him, he glanced around the hallway, seeing no one.

He slid out from behind his hiding spot just as a guard rounded the corner. Before the guard could utter even a hint of surprise he was against the wall, gasping at the small dagger embedded in his shoulder. Luc placed Ailyn on the ground and darted forward, slamming the guard's head against the wall with a crack. Luc fished out a ring of keys from the unconscious guard's pocket, and yanked out his dagger as well. Stepping around the limp form, he began trying each of the various keys on the Whipping Boy's door, frustrated with the tedium.

Finally, with a click, the locks in the door unhooked and Luc opened the door. The Whipping Boy looked up from his position on the floor, splayed out and bored looking. When faced with the stranger though, he jumped up and a wary look crept into his gaze.

"Damn it don't look at me like that. It's Luc so either get your ass out of there or I'm leaving you."

This was obviously not what Adrian expected to hear. "Little fairy boy Luc with a harp and lipstick?" he asked skeptically, looking the man up and down.

"Yeah that's real appropriate, 'fairy' coming from the King's favorite bedwarmer. And it's a lyre you prick."

Adrian couldn't help but smirk a little at the ruffled man. However, his lips immediately turned down when he saw the slumped Ailyn, just outside the door.

"What'd you do to him?" he asked, more sharply than he had intended.

Luc rolled his eyes. "He's fine. The last thing I'd want to do is damage the little beauty. Now are you coming or not? We need to put as much as distance as possible between us and the palace, now."

"You never said you were bringing him. What have you done? Is this for ransom money?"

Luc rolled his eyes. "No it's not for ransom money, lover boy. He'll be fine. Now do you really want to have this argument when every moment here is just lessening the chance of escape?"

Adrian surprised himself by wavering, almost not believing the surreal situation. He looked at the open door, and a flare of hope went off in his chest, only simultaneously, he felt a heavy doubt.

Luc growled impatiently. "Are you coming or not." He was already walking away, picking up the unconscious prince with surprising ease. Adrian hesitated before following.

"Fine." he muttered, glancing again at Ailyn.

Hallways flashed by as the pair and the unconscious prince quickly made their way towards the palace kitchens. Luc had already decided that exiting through one of the delivery boy entrances would be best as those passages would be the least occupied. His theory was proved more or less right when they reached the kitchen with general ease. Only once had there been a close call, but Luc had simply slid behind a statue and hidden. Adrian had done likewise behind a flower arrangement.

At the exit, Luc shifted Ailyn onto his other shoulder and slipped out of the door. The cool night air brushed his skin and he already felt more at ease. Checking to see if Adrian was still there, not really caring if he actually was, Luc scanned the area to figure out the direction of the barn. He could hear the festival still in full swing on the other side of the palace. Before he could decide what to do, he felt Adrian shift beside him. Tensing, he frowned when Adrian simply walked past him towards a small rise in the west. Frowning Luc quickly followed.

"Where are you going?" he hissed.

"Barn." replied Adrian softly. Shutting his mouth before he could ask how Adrian knew this, he followed. Shortly after, as they ascended the small hillock, he couldn't help but grin when he saw the large sprawling paddock before him. Ahead of him, Adrian hopped the paddock and began edging along the railing, whistling lowly to a dappled gelding. It snorted uncomfortably but Adrian was calm and approached him slowly. He rubbed the horse's withers until the gelding lowered his neck and stopped pawing. Then, Adrian began to head towards the barn, the gelding in tow. Luc didn't bother to find his own mount, as he figured the royal mounts would likely be holed up in the barn somewhere. Far be it from he to resist stealing a royal horse.

When they reached the barn, Adrian deftly tacked up the gelding, making Luc wonder again where Adrian had learned this skill. He himself picked out a midnight colored stud and the most expensive looking tack he could find. Almost as an afterthought, he saddled a second mount for Ailyn when he was to wake.

The pair mounted and Luc situated Ailyn in front of him. He then secured the second mount to his own saddle and the pair edged out of the still barn. They headed for the tree line.