Emma sat up in her bed and instantly grabbed her sword. Something was wrong, she could feel it in her dead heart. With the swiftness and grace her training had given her, she made it along the hallways not waking a soul…or spirit. Methodically, she checked all the open rooms for anything unusual and made her way to the back door. She opened it and took a few steps into her enormous backyard. Feeling a slight breeze on her back the could only be made by another body, Emma whipped around sword first almost slicing the head off of little Madison, the orphaned vampire who, after her wedding, she decided to take in. Instantly, she withdrew her weapon. "What are you doing awake?" Emma asked, looking at the horizon instead of the girl's eyes.

Madison threw her braid over her shoulder. "I couldn't sleep. No matter what I would always be too hot or too cold." She said with a small smile.

"You too huh?" Emma said finally withdrawing her eyes from the arriving sun. "Have you seen anything out of the ordinary around here?" She asked and then remembered that the girl wouldn't know what to look for, she hadn't been there long enough.

Madison shook her head. "No Mm…Emma." She said remembering that she was allowed to call the queen of all vampires by her first name. "Nothing."

With a long sigh she ushered the child back in and shut the door behind herself. "Well, how about something to eat then?" Madison answered with a nod. "Good, I thought I heard a nosey spirit lurking in the kitchen anyway."

"Who are you calling nosey!" A voice shouted.

The two ladies laughed and made their way to the dimly lit room. "There she is…how are you doing Amelia?" Emma asked as she pulled a carton of eggs from the refrigerator.

"Great, but why are you two awake. Lucas and I didn't wake you did we?" Amelia asked, her voice hardly apologetic.

Emma scowled at her. Madison laughed. "You know…you really shouldn't hint such things around that girl. She may not be the typical innocent kid but…show some respect for her young ears okay?"

"Madison…come here for a second will you sweety?" Amelia asked and obediently the girl walked over and sat down on the chair next to the old spirit. "Do you have any idea what I meant by what I said?" The little girl shook her head. "See? No harm done. She's still oblivious. Now…could you please do me a favor and lighten up?" She asked with a small grin.

Emma threw the sloppy contents of an egg into the pain and muttered something about Amelia never calling her "sweety". "I can't believe that you two just picked your relationship up where you left off. It's pretty amazing that you could do that." Emma said as she cracked another egg.

"We didn't. Me and him have a lot to learn about each other now. A whole lot of things have changed since then. Mostly me and my new found hatred for men." Amelia said, the last part more growl than words. "So…what are you two really doing up?"

Emma finished frying up the eggs before speaking again. She handed the plate to Madison. "Madi, could you eat these in there while this old nasty lady and I?"

Madison nodded and went into the living room but not before giggling at Amelia's scowl.

"I'm not a 'nasty old lady' thank you very much." Amelia growled. "Can you answer me now?"

Emma sighed and took a seat across from her great grandmother. "Something's wrong…" Emma nodded toward the den. "Even she could sense it. They're gathering power again. Nathan was just some punk. The war has just barely begun….I can feel it."

"There is some unrest in the spirit world as well. My sister is trying her best to figure it out but…I don't know." Amelia said, her eyes falling to the table. "So, who do you think it'll be this time, another angel?"

Emma shook her head and turned a pepper shaker around on the table. "I have no idea. But whoever…or what ever it is they're strong and they are gathering."

"What are you going to do about this?" Amelia asked, her eyes once again returning to the woman who had taken her post just months before.

Emma sighed again and swore under her breath when she knocked the pepper over. "Nothing…yet, I want to be sure that something's up before I get people all worked up. The last thing we need is chaos." She said, righting the glass shaker.

Amelia nodded and blew the spice from the table. "I hope you know what you are doing. Would Eve mention anything if another angel decided to try something?"

As if summoned Eve appeared, her grand white wings almost lighting up the dim kitchen. "I just checked around, no angels are involved this time but Emma's right, the hunters are gathering."

Amelia smirked. "Don't even bother knocking now do you?"

"I don't need to. Not as long as my daughter is running this here." Eve growled and turned to her daughter. "I'm sorry but I haven't been able to find out who is rallying them."

"Don't be sorry mom. Sooner or later they will make themselves known…they always do. Until then, we'll wait." Emma said as she stretched her black wings.

The three winged women sat there for a bit, thinking the current situation over. Emma had been right. Nathan was nothing more than a common ant trying to kill an elephant. Something was coming…the was just beginning and the small reprieve they had gotten was just about to end.