Because of You

Alright, obviously im not finished with my other story "What Happens at Camp Stays at camp" but I just LOVE this title and decided to turn it into a story. Ha-ha. This is basically a story about a girl named Brynne (yes I KNOW I used that name in the other story- but im in LOVE with that name so that's the name we're going to use. Alright? Good). Who just broke up with her boyfriend Andrew. Anyways she's suicidal and doesn't exactly take it too well…. So anyways she basically just meets this new guy and all this shit happens and bla bla bla.


"The Breakup"

The collision between my hand and Andrew's face echoed throughout his room, and he staggered back, holding his check and trying to bring the world back into focus.

"I hate you! How could you do this to me again?" I spat out, taking another step towards him, screaming at the top of my lungs. I had never been the one to just let my feelings pass through quietly.

He knew this all too well, which Is why I couldn't figure out why he'd do this for the second time.

I had found him (again) with Whitney Romazz.

A.K.A. The School Whore.

And the same thing happened 2 months earlier, making it clear that he wasn't the loyal romantic guy I assumed him to be.

"Well?!" I pressed, poking him angrily in the shoulder, shaking off my thoughts.

"I…I…im sorry- Brynne, please"-

-"I'm Sorry? You did the exact same thing again and all you can say is 'I'm Sorry'?! Just FORGET it!" I grabbed my "BEBE" coat and hurried out of his room and down the stairs.

"Brynne Wait!" I heard him shout as I got in my red Audie TT Convertible. (A/N: don't you just LOVE those cars?! I SURE DO!) I slammed the door shut before locking it, and revving it up.

"Brynne!" Andrew pounded on my car, and I rolled down the windshield just enough for him to hear me. As calmly as possible. (which was pretty damn calm if you ask me) I said "Your ruining my car you ass."

"Brynne let me explain"—

'Too late' I thought, as I rolled up the window and pulled away from his driveway and headed down the road back towards my home.

When I got there I was surprised to find my best friend Michelle's car parked in front of my house. I quickly wiped my tear stained cheeks and hurried inside.

"Mom?" I called.

No answer.

I sighed and went upstairs, to be greeted by the one and only, Michelle Powell.

"Hey." She said, sympathetically. "Didn't go too well huh?"

I sighed, and managed to hold back the tears that threaten to fall, but not the high-pitched squeaky voice that came along with it. "He did it again. With Whitney again too." I knew from her expression that I probably looked a mess. My honey blonde hair was all messed up, and my aqua colored eyes were swollen and red. My lips were twice their normal size, which is really gross by the way and the government should make some kind of "Lip Shrinking" gloss instead of the plumping shit they make too much of.

She motioned for me to sit down, but I just collapsed onto my bed with a big heave. My head buried in the covers, I muttered. "I hate this."

"Yeah I know but you cant change it. Luckily you have me for a friend…. Here." She threw something onto the bed and I looked up to see a large bag from Safeway.

"What… you plan on suffocating me? Gee thanks Michelle but I'd prefer to dive off of a cliff instead." I sad sincerely. She just glared. "No you idiot- I mean… look, your obviously hurting so I'll be nice for a change. Look what I have. A barrel of ice cream, two HUMOUNGOUS spoons, three Cosmo Girl Magazines, and a stack of Chick Flicks."

"You forgot the giant teddy bear." I said solemnly.

She cleared her throat and pointed behind me. I turned around and nearly fell of the bed from fright. A HUGE teddy bear nearly took up my entire bed! How did I miss THAT?!

"I was being sarcastic."

"I know. But I got you one anyways."

I smiled as she popped in a movie. This ice cream barrel would probably add 30 pounds to my figure, but at the moment I really didn't care.

After about half way into the second movie, Michelle had fallen asleep. Go figure. She was probably the laziest person you would ever meet in your life. You could let her hibernate all winter and she'd still complain about how tired she was. "Oh I could just stay asleep for my entire LIFE" she's always say. And for some reason, I actually believed her.

I started flipping through the magazines she had brought me, when I heard the front door open. My senses turned on full alert and my ears became sensitive to every little sound. (This kind of reminds me of a cat.)

I relaxed when I heard my mom's bedroom door open and close. She had been out late again, and she was probably just arriving back home.

You should probably be getting back to bed.

-no she shouldn't

Yes she should

-She can stay up as long as she wants.

Yeah if she wants to look 60 by the time she turns 20.

-Stay awake.

Go To Sleep.

Boe and Moe were fighting again. That's what I called my two voices inside my head. Boe- starts with "B" for my first name Brynne. And Moe, starts with "M" for my last name Moore. Kind of dorky if you ask anyone else. But they've helped me through a lot.

Oh and by the way- I am NOT schizophrenic. You know Pro's and Con's… two different sides of a decision or something? Well yea, instead of weighing it out myself, im fortunate enough to have little helpers inside my head….and WHY THE HELL am I telling you about this when I could just be asleep.

G'night all my little friends.



A/N: Alright. That was Chapter ONE and I hoped you enjoyed it. please tell me what you think about it later on through reviews. Actually if you could review right now that'd be even better. You know, to give me some ides on how Brynne could meet the guys she's going to fall in love with…