Four Guardians

Room mates.

Eight elements.

Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Sound, Light and Dark.

Four guardians.

One survivor.


He was sick of his pampered life. There was always someone who was drooling over him or worshipping him. He hated going out of his dorm. While his best friend enjoyed the attention, he as sure as hell didn't. He also had to share his room with another crazy guy who did nothing much but study.

And study.

And study.

He ALSO had to share his room with his sister. His whacked out sister who, in fact, was also his TWIN sister. Who, in fact, had more of a masculine side than a feminine side. Heck, sometimes people mistook her for him.

The horror.

And her temper and her violence wasn't much of a help. For example, now.




Yume, on the other hand, was shamelessly undressing in front of her brother and pulling her uniform over herself. (She was using underwear and her chests were bound)

"Just hurry up! First period is ancient language!" she snapped.

Kaz, his best friend and Zai, his other roommate, had already left. Yume forcibly dragged her brother off his bed.

"What the hell are you still doing there!? Hurry UP already, will you!?" she said angrily. Yup. She had a temper that should not be awakened.

"Ow… OW! I get it, alright!?"

Scoffing slightly, Yume stared at a bowl filled with water.

Bring me to the place I wish
The place where the water can reach

And just like that, she seemed to disappear somewhat gracefully.

"Damn her and her water element…" Yoru muttered, changing into his uniform. Unlike his sister, he couldn't teleport and had to go through the entire painful process of running up and down the stairs.

"The life of a suffering fifteen year old…"


Yume remained unbelievably calm as she found herself surrounded by six boys who towered over her. This part of her was what gained control of her element water.

Her temper was what gave her the element of fire.

"Need something?" She asked nonchalantly. The reason why they were always bothering her was probably the fact that she had given them - the heavenly sages, the best students of their school – a beating up that they could not forget and did not tell anyone.

She herself kept it quiet.

"Yeah. Revenge." One of them sneered. Yume sighed to herself. If Yoru knew what was happening to her all the time, he would not be happy.

"I'm not in a good mood today, so…" She lifted one of her hands, and it engulfed in flame. Her infamous temper was starting to build up again, although she remained calm – if that was humanely possible. Six elements flashed before her eyes. Grinning to herself, she readied herself for battle.


Kaz smirked as he ran a hand through his hair. Yoru rolled his eyes. Yume looked like she had a pretty good stress reliever. Zai hardly looked up from his book. All four of them were eating under the shade of a large ancient tree. Or, to be more precise, on it.

They were hiding from Kaz's and Yoru's fan girls.

Yume snickered as she thought about her brother's fan girls. She remembered the fortune she made with all the money her brother had given her to dress up as him just so he could escape from them. She hardly had any feminine wills or desires, so she just let it be. With the money, she could buy something that could help her with fighting… or enter competitions. Her life was dedicated to fighting.

Yoru, on the other hand, was not having the same fun thoughts as his sister. Each day this bunch of girls that he did not want annoyed him. Kaz, on the other hand, enjoyed the attention. He had even bed with several at the same time

Zai just continued reading.

"Ne, nii-san, if I dragged you to them, how much do you think your girlfriends will pay me?" Yume teased as she bends down to look at her brother, her deep green eyes twinkling in amusement and her dark hair framing her face. There was no doubt about it – she was beautiful.

He wasn't much different, and that was what he did not like.

"Don't even think of trying it." He muttered, looking at her dangerously. She shrugged and jumped down lightly.

"I don't know about you guys, but I don't intend to spend the rest of my lifetime there."

Zai looked up, and, closing his book, he jumped down.

"Come on, Yoru. It's fun getting chased by so many sometimes, don't you think?" Kaz asked as he finally plucked out the earphones of his mp3 player.

"No." Yoru said flatly. When they were kids, Kaz had been making fun of girls. Now, he's chasing them, and they're chasing him.

"You're so serious sometimes, you know?" Kaz sighed.

"Yes." Yoru replied.

There was a silence that was not uneasy.

"Don't you think it's about time you got yourself a girl? I mean, you're fifteen, good-looking (although not as much as me), and turning to your twin sister to help you run away from the things that you should actually be welcoming." Kaz said.

"Sorry for being pathetic." Yoru replied sarcastically.

"Oh… I see where this is going…" Kaz said mischievously.

"Pray tell."

"You're gay!"

Yoru fell down from the tree.


"Come to think of it…. That really sorts out a lot of things… Hm…"

"I'm NOT, okay Kaz? That's just you and your stupid delusions."

Kaz shrugged, and then looked at his friend.

"Well… if you're gay, and Yume's a lesbian then - …"

"Don't make fun of her!" Yoru growled. Kaz raised his eyebrows.

"If you're so defensive about your sister on this, you don't really know about what's happening to her, do you?" Kaz said. Yoru snorted.

"I know that she's going out to competitions that she's not supposed to."

"Yeah, that and the fact that she's getting bullied."

Yoru snapped his head back to Kaz, and then jumped swiftly up the tree again.

"Who? When? How? Why?"

Kaz maintained his look of indifference.

"You didn't know? I heard from my sources that those six have been bugging her for quite some time."

"She never told me…"

"Dude, she never told anyone."

Yoru sank into the branches of his own element – earth and wind. Then he snapped.


"She can practically graduate, Yoru. She's probably the strongest student in school now, although she doesn't show it." Kaz said, looking at his best friend.

"So why is she still here? I mean… she could have went to a better school or-.."

"You guys don't have the money." Kaz cut in. Yoru turned to Kaz.

"But… with all the competitions she's been winning…"

"She also doesn't want to leave you."

Yoru groaned. Even though he was older by a time space of thirteen minutes, Yume was sometimes the more matured one… although it was unavoidably rash. His sister could become one of the greatest and youngest enchanters, and he was one of the burdens that were stopping her.


Yume watched Zai who was sitting opposite her. His golden eyes lifted from his book for a moment to study her.

"Something the matter?" he asked her. She shook her head.

"How can you READ all the time?"

"How can you FIGHT all the time?"

Yume scowled. Zai had a way of throwing words back. His golden eyes still hadn't returned to his book, so she let go a sigh.

"Because…" She suddenly smiled. Even the thought of fighting… the thought of releasing her elements of fury and calmness filled her with pure bliss. To fight for your own self… "There's an unexplainable feeling each time…" She closed her eyes and let her memory wonder over the sync of flame and water…

Unknown to her, a pair of golden watched her with an indescribable look. She caught him looking, and then frowned. Zai's eyes returned to his book.

"Something the matter?" she asked him.


"You still haven't answered my question. Why do you always READ?"


He stared at her emerald depths.

"I am someplace I want to be, yet I am not there." He replied.

"I don't understand."

"You wouldn't." He replied as he returned to his book. Sighing, knowing that that was the end of their conversation, Yume went to the basin.

Show me where he is
Bring me to where he lies

The moment she left, Zai sighed and threw himself onto his bed. He stared at the ceiling from behind the lenses of his spectacles.

'Because… there's an unexplainable feeling each time…'

Yume. He only knew her for about five years, yet…

An unexplainable feeling each time...

That's the way he felt each time she smiled. Each time she showed the other side of herself. The non-violent side. Even at the times when she was rampaging, he still watched her with… an unexplainable feeling.

Yume. Yume meant 'dream'. And she had been haunting his dreams. But… he thought back about his elements.

Sound and Lightning.

Two of the hardest elements to control. He sat up when the door suddenly burst open, revealing Kaz.

"Something the matter?" Kaz asked.

"No. Nothing at all." Zai replied, throwing himself back into his bed, book in hand.


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