Roses and ribbons and sweet true love's kiss,

A saccharine vow of unending bliss.

Hero and damsel, knight and fair maid,

Honor their triumph in a splendid parade.

Sidekicks and mentors are all safe and sound,

While villains lie cold six feet under the ground.

Does this sound familiar? Have we seen this before?

It's that fairy-tale ending you knew was in store.

There've been sword-fights, and rescues, both daring and bold;

There's been true love and heart-ache; the same tale's been told.

And it always comes to the same charming end,

Why it happens so often I can't comprehend –

Those scholars and writers from here to Vancouver

Can't seem to even attempt to maneuver

Their way into some kind of genre that's new,

Where the baddies can kill off a good guy or two.

Or our hero's a woman, 'cause her champion's a jerk,

While the scoundrels are nice but the prince is berserk.

Still, the true test is to see how our story will finish;

Will the tyrant win while the heroes diminish?

But the top grand finale to best break the code:

When knight kisses maid, she turns into a toad.