Epilogue (and a preview!)

Two years later

Donovan and Ellie remained high school sweethearts until Ellie wanted to take a break for a while. She still wasn't convinced about Donovan's love and wanted him to "see other people" to make sure. But Donovan simply swept her off her feet – again – and destroyed her doubts with a kiss. They're now college sweetheartswith Ellie majoring in Science for teaching and Donovan with accounting. Yeah...how exciting. Little does Ellie know, Donovan plans to "pop" the question soon.

Dylan slowly began to lose his infatuation with Ellie and moved on – much to Donovan's relief. They did however remain friends and Donovan has even begun to like him. A little. After the night of the dance, Dylan began to hang out more and more with Maria. And what do you know? Love really must have been in the air that night. Dylan and Maria are now going steady, head over heels, and plan to move in with each other for college.

Mrs. Evans had been recovering slowly from Steve when she met Mr. Jack Dempsey, a handsome rogue. He displayed an obvious interest in her, but she's determined to take it slow, lest she make the same mistake. He sure is handsome, though…

Steve was released and disappeared into the night. He is now presumed to be out of the country.

Ellie and Scarlett became great friends as Maria became more and more involved with Dylan. Understandable. Ellie was pretty concerned about Scarlett and her boyfriend, though. Scarlett would come over Ellie's apartment (she moved out soon after high school) with bruises over her arms and legs. Ellie questioned her, but Scarlett simply maintained that she fell down the stairs. Hmm… now this is another story.

Ellie did learn more about Donovan's family and they love her. Especially the crazy old Italian grandmother who claims to have the Eye (able to see the future). She's absolutely convinced and positive that Donovan and Ellie will get married and have three children – two boys and one girl.

Yeah, that freaked Ellie out just a little bit.

The thing is, Grandmother Sophia's predictions are always correct.

Do I hear wedding bells?



Scarlett Holt was mad. Real mad. Her wicked stepmother and father were sending her to a finishing school, in Ireland! She was 19 – almost 20 – years old, the hold they have on her shouldn't be allowed! But if she didn't go to the school, she wouldn't be granted her inheritance on her 21st birthday. And to make matters worse, the principal's son just had to be one handsome Irish devil. Tristan Wallace was bad…to the bone. Scarlett should not be associating with such a punk as he. But can she help the way his kisses make her feel in the shadowed corners of the hallway? We'll let you answer that.

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