Chapter Three: Parrtaayyyy

…Oh god, what was I thinking? A party? I must have been possessed; it's just so not me, I thought while I sat in front of my mirror. I had absolutely no clue what to wear or what to do with my hair. I turned in my seat and stared at my lavender phone, wondering if I should call Maria, my good friend. She would know what to do, I thought and smiled. I jumped up and picked up my phone, quickly dialing her number. I sighed impatiently as it rang for the third time before a soft voice picked up. I exclaimed:

"Maria! You have to help me out"

"Ellie?" she replied, "What's the problem?"

"You know that party that's going on tonight?" I asked eagerly, "Well, I got invited by Dylan McKade…"

I jerked the phone away from my ear as I heard her squeal, yes squeal, with excitement. She practically screamed, "Oh my god, why didn't you tell me sooner, Ellie?! We definitely need to talk about our communication skills!"

"Yeah, whatever. But, I need your help…" I was cut off as she said:

"Sure, sure, whatever you need. You can count on me!" she replied

I rolled my eyes at her, not sure why this was such a big deal. I mean it's not like I have absolutely no social life. Okay, maybe I lied. It's just a tad restricted.

"Maria, I have no way of getting out of this house. You know Steve would kill me if he found out…" I said with a touch of fear in my voice, "Maybe this was a bad idea. I should call Dylan and cancel."

Maria let out another squeal and practically screamed, "NO! You can't do this. Don't let that dumbass Steve rule your life!" I sighed and looked around the room, lowering my voice, "Alright, alright. Can you drop by, you know, go through the window and help me out?"

I could practically hear Maria nodding, she was doing so vigorously and saying, "You betcha. I'll be right over with clothes and make up! God, this is going to be so much fun."

I nodded, even though she couldn't see that and thanked her, hanging up the phone. I sat down on my azure colored bedspread and chewed my lower nervously. What if Steve found out?, I thought with worry etched across my face. I shrugged and waited anxiously for Maria to appear.

Gosh, how long can it take her to get here? She lives three houses down! I wondered, starting to get peeved. No sooner than I thought that I heard a quiet on my window. I swiveled around in my seat on my bed and jumped to my feet, rushing over to the window. I unlocked the hatch and helped Maria in, while she climbed off the tree, carrying two bags. I presumed one was for make-up and clothes.

Maria broke the silence and whispered, "Come on! Lets get this show on the road!" I laughed quietly and watched as she pulled out a beautiful dress. It wasn't flashy, which I knew I would've thrown a fit about. The dress was the color of lavender (did I mention that's my favorite color?) with whitish blue flowers draped around the neckline. It was embroider on the hem of the gown with the color of gold. The hem flowed out slightly around what would be my mid thigh, A bit short, I thought. But, I loved it. It was beautiful. The necklines scooped down into a round embroider line of gold and that would show the slightest hint of cleavage.

"Oh, Maria," I sighed, "It's beautiful, where did you find it?"

Maria smiled at me. Maria by herself was indeed pretty. She had shoulder length dark auburn hair with a tint of blond in it. Maria had the most unusual eyes. Her eyes looked violet in some lights, but then an azure that was captivating. She replied, "I made it for you. I knew you'd need it one day," with her eyes twinkling that violet color.

I felt my jaw go slack then I snapped it closed. I gave Maria a hug and thanked her. Maria laughed and shoved me toward the bathroom, "Go on, and put it on."

I came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and did a twirl for Maria. She clapped and smiled, then ushered me over to my hair and make-up. Maria can work magic, I say, magic with hair and make-up. I can only be envious of that talent.

Fifteen minutes later I was starting to get fidgety. I mean, how long could this take? Maria hit me on the shoulder and told me to stop moving. I sighed and averted my eyes while she was doing my make-up. Mission hair: complete. Mission make-up: perfect I thought as she swung me around to face the mirror. Maria made my hair curl slightly in at the ends that flowed over my shoulders, down to my mid-back. My make-up was done very subtly. Yet somehow it set of my eyes, making them lighter and the focus point of my face. The works of make-up will never stop confusing me.

I jumped out of my chair and gave Maria a hug saying, "What would I do without you. Thank you so much." Maria smiled and blushed prettily.

I looked at the clock, which was doing that little blinking ritual flashing: 6:45 PM. I had less than fifteen minutes to meet Dylan at the end of the street. I knew that Steve would never let me go to this party, so I told Dylan not to come to my house. I swung around and eyed up the window saying to Maria, "How the hell do I get out of here?"

Maria looked at the window in surprise, not thinking of this as an obstacle before.

"Well, I guess you have to climb out very carefully…"

"Gee, thanks, Maria," I said sarcastically.

I went over to the window and released the hatch, climbing out slowly from the window. I balanced myself on the tree, then jumping down, holding my shoes in my hand. I looked up at Maria, who was already navigating herself down. I smiled at her when she landed next to me, "Thanks for everything," I repeated.

"Hey, what are friends for?" she said. I smiled and slipped on my shoes, running down the street, toward a tall figure under the light post.

After running in heels, which was a stupid idea I might add, I was flushed in the face and slightly out of breath. I breathed, "Sorry, I'm late…took me longer than I thought."

Dylan smiled and nodded, his eyes skimming lightly over me,"That's what I kind of expected…so I arrived just a bit before you did." He took my elbow, old-fashioned style, and led me to his Firebird. I smiled when he opened the door for me and I sat inside, looking around at the interior.

He opened the driver's door and slipped inside. Dylan turned to look at me and said, "By the way, you look beautiful tonight."

I felt heat spreading up my face and nodded slowly, grinning, thinking: Damn it, Ellie, way to be the grinning idiot. I forced my mouth open and replied, "Uh, thanks, Dylan."

Dylan smiled at me and said, "You're cute when you blush." Without another word he revved up the engine and started off toward the party. I gaped at him for a moment then snapped my mouth close and looked out the window. This is definitely awkward. God, why can't I think of anything to say? I thought.

The minutes ticked by as the car crawled to a stop by a huge and when I say huge, I mean huge, mansion. My god, I thought, they've got to be loooaddddeddd. Dylan, being a perfect gentleman (how cute, I might add), opened the door for me. I have to admit; it was once again kind of awkward…just sitting there in the car waiting for him. But, being awkward is my life.

I got out of the car and murmured thanks to him and he took my arm and led me up to the mansion. As soon as we entered the place, the smell of alcohol was everywhere. Not to mention a few other unpleasant smells. I let Dylan lead me over to a couch and he went to get me a drink. How nice of him, I thought. I did feel kind of bad for not really talking to him much in the car. I shrugged to myself and looked around the room, wondering if I knew anyone here. Nope, but then again I'm not surprised, I thought.

I shrugged off my coat to feel someone sink into the side of the couch next to me. I turned to look and what do you know…it wasn't Dylan. The man, or should I say boy, was obviously drunk. He had this dazed look in his eyes and his hair was mussed up. Yep, he was smashed, I thought, hopefully he's a nice drunk. The guy grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him.

He breathed, "Hey, baby, why don't we go make out somewhere?" I almost gagged, the alcohol on his breath was horrendous. Nope. I was wrong. Definitely not the kind of guy I want to be around when drunk.

I jerked myself away and replied with a curt, "No." I stood up, looking for Dylan. How long did it take to get a drink?!, I thought. I felt my dress be tugged down and my knees gave out from the sudden pressure. I landed on the couch with a thud and felt this creeps arm slide around my waist, pulling my closer.

"Get off of me!" I yelled and shoved him away. But his grip stayed firm.

"Come on, baby, you know you wanna," He said with a leer upon his lips. I pushed on his chest, looking around for Dylan, only to see him conversing with some friends, two drinks in his hands. Grrrreat, here I am stuck with a drunk and he's talking with his friends! I thought bitterly.

"No, I do n-," I was cut off as his mouth pressed hard against mine. I let out a shriek, yes I am ashamed to admit, a shriek of protest and starting shoving at his chest. He leaned his weight into me, pinning me down on the couch as he groped me. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly. I was starting to panick now, struggling against him.

And thenBAM!all ofsudden, he was off me and I could breathe again. I cracked open one eye, only to see none other than but Donovan Andrews, peering down at my flushed face. I blinked at his face so close to mine. I saw that his face was flushed like mine, except his was in angry.

"Are you okay?" he demanded.

I just stared at him blankly, not believing he saved me. Why, oh why, me? I thought.

"Ell-bell, are you okay?!" He repeated and to my shock, using the old nickname he gave me. His eyes were full of worry... and something else that looked suspiciously like deathly anger.

I slowly nodded and felt my lower lip tremble. I bit it to make it stop, but Donovan saw it anyway. His eyes immediately darkened to black with concerned and helped me up by gently grasping my elbow. Where had Donovan come from anyway? I looked around for the guy that had harassed me and found him lying against a wall, slumped down.

"You didn't kill him…did you?" I asked hesitantly. Donovan blinked a few times and replied, "Only you would think to ask that after that guy almost raped you!"

I had to admit – the furious gleam in Donovan's eye was scaring me. Not that he'd hurt me, but because he might kill that guy. And he called me Ell-bell. Who would have thought he remembered?

"Well! It's not like I asked for it," I replied heatedly. I crossed my arms underneath my chest and glared at him. I was still shaken up, but there was no way I'd let him see any more of my weaknesses.

I turned and saw Dylan making his way over here. Fin-na-lee the golden boy decides to make an appearance, I though. I guess I couldn't be that angry with him, he did look concerned and alarmed.

"What happened?!" Dylan exclaimed, his green eyes bright with worry.

I was about to reply when Donovan cut me off. Quite rudely, I might add. Okay, so I know I should be acting grateful…but…it just makes me feel better to resort to anger. I don't want him to see me all weepy with gratitude.

"Well, while you were gone chatting with your friends, Ellie had to fight off a drunken would-be rapist." Donovan said angrily.

I resisted the urge rolled my eyes at Donovan's comment. He's so dramatic, I thought. I did feel bad for Dylan though. I saw his bright green eyes widen and he looked over at me, as if needing me to confirm it.

"It's alright, Dylan. It's not your fault. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time." I said, hoping to make him feel better. But all I really wanted to do is go home and take a shower to wash this guys hand marks off me. It was disgusting, really.

"I'm so sorry, Ellie, I shouldn't have left you. I'll make it up to you." He swore. Oh no, I thought, I do not want him to have to make it up to me.

"No, no…Dylan, it's oka-,"

But Dylan cut me off by saying, "No, it's not okay. I'll fix it. I'll take you home if you want me too" I nodded, not knowing what else to say.

Donovan chose that moment to cut in and said:

"No, I'll be the one to take her home." He said with finality in his voice. He had been staring at Dylan with a dangerous look in his eye, almost like distrust. Who was he to behave like this? After three years, he decides to play overprotective best friend? Jerk.

I gaped at Donovan and shook my head, shake his head at me and grab me around the wrist, pulling me away from Dylan – without a goodbye, I might add – and into the night…

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