I'm not going to answer all of Leyman's questions here, because some of them concern things he could easily find out for himself on Oxfam's website. Repeating information available elsewhere on the web seems a bit pointless, and there is a possibility I might make a mistake, so why not just go straight to the source?

There was a colon missing in the links I gave in the previous chapter which is now fixed. The correct link is http: w w w. oxfam. org (with the spaces removed).

I have also begun to lose patience with Leyman a little because I am getting the impression that he actually wants to find something wrong with Oxfam. I've come across this attitude from people before and I've always been a little puzzled by it. As far as I can tell they are using criticising charities as an excuse to do nothing about the injustice they can see in the world. It's like they're thinking 'well all charities are corrupt or ineffective, so there's no point giving to any of them, so I can just do nothing'.

Even if it were true that all the thousands of charities in the world were corrupt or ineffective, it would not follow from this that it was okay to do nothing. You could get involved in the charity that most suits your ideals and work with them to try and improve things, or even found an organisation of your own. You could also try working to help others on a purely individual basis.

If you have you have some genuine ideological reason for not wanting to give to charity, or you simply aren't able to give your money or time, that's understandable, but if you think charities do good work and are just too lazy to help out then don't try and mask your guilt by maligning the work that others do.

I'm not suggesting that charities should be above criticism. On the contrary, I think any organisation should be open to criticism and suggestions from the public, as Oxfam is. However, being determined to think the worst of an organisation does not help anyone. By all means ask questions, but try to do it with an open mind. Before airing supposition and baseless accusations, please consider your own motives and the potential harm you may do to the organisation you are talking about, the people who work for them, and ultimately the people they are trying to help.

"Whenever you are in doubt, apply the following test:
recall the face of the poorest and weakest person you may have seen
and ask yourself if the step you contemplate is going to be on any use to them."

Mahatma Gandhi