This story is part fact, part fiction, and part exaggerated fact, but I still think it makes for a good story. All names have been changed to protect the innocent, well except for Freddy, who will never be innocent. I hope you enjoy, please R&R.

For the Forth of July we always go to my grandma's house to eat, watch the fireworks, and then set off some of our own, and this year was no different. It's a family thing we all do, and everyone who can shows up. This year it was me, my brother Stevo, my mom, my dad, my aunts Sandra and Clair, my Uncle Will, my cousins Brian and Randy, and my grandma of course. And so after Dinner and the Fireworks display it was time for the yearly tradition of illegally lighting off our own fireworks.

We started with bottle rockets; shooting them off from the back yard while the adults sat on the deck and shouted instructions at us.

"Not right over the house!"

"Ahh! You're going to set that tree on fire!"

"Do you need a flash light?"

"They need a flash light!"

"Try shooting over that corn field."

"Ahh! The tree's on fire!"

And that kept up for a while. But we did eventually run out of bottle rockets and so then it was time to head to the front yard and shoot off the smaller fireworks. However Stevo had possession of the flashlight and for some reason he was running around the patio in circles. He wouldn't give it up or come over and it's hard to light any thing off if you can't see the fuse so after a minute or two of stumbling around in the dark, Randy went over and tackled Stevo, pulling the flashlight out of his hand. And then everything went ok for about 2 fireworks. And then we had a few… accidents.

Like the time when Brian suddenly shouted "Holy crap! My hair's on fire!" and then vigorously tried to put it out. Or the time when Stevo launched a firework right in my face and started my shirt sleeve on fire. And then there was the time Stevo had 6 different sparklers in his hand and was skipping around like a little girl when he tripped and set his jacket on fire. And well this managed to go on for almost an hour with us kids setting our selves and each other on fire while our parents watched with worried faces until we finally ran out of small fireworks and so we headed toward the back yard to shoot off some larger fireworks.

So we kids grabbed the huge boxes and bags of fireworks along with the flashlight and raced on ahead, leaving the adults to stumble blindly thorough the dark with their folding chairs.

When we arrived at the back however we didn't feel like waiting around, so to pass the time we went out to the road and lit off smoke bombs at some passing cars. Bad enough right? But we later found out that the exact spot we had picked was between two gas lines… And no we didn't blow either one up. But when the adults finally managed to get to the backyard and found us not there, they came looking for us. And they weren't too pleased with our location to say the least. Although each and every one of us swears we never saw the huge Warning signs posted every ten feet. And so we all trudged back to the back yard to set off the larger, noisier fireworks. And that's when the neighbors must have called the cops.

We saw the headlights pull up the driveway and as soon as it got close to the garage lights we could see the huge reflective letters that read POLICE on each side of the car and with that mass chaos irrupted, although it was organized chaos. Every kid grabbed a box or bag of fire works and headed for the woods at a run with the adults right behind all dragging their folding chairs. Meanwhile my grandma had started toward the house to meet the police man.

"Oh officer!" She cried in a dramatic voice after she had almost reached the garage. "It was those kids again officer! They come around every year and light off those loud fireworks!" So far it had all been the truth (however she had forgotten to mention the fact she was the one who invited the kids over ever year) but I figured that would all change soon enough. "Oh but officer this year I was ready only officer I COULDN'T FIND MY RIFLE" even hidden in the woods 50 yards away we could all hear this and all of us kids broke out laughing however we were quickly quieted by some pokes from the adults. The police officer didn't seem to have heard though and he was listening to my grandma with rapt attention. "But now you're here" she continued "and you can take care of them for me! They went that way!" And without hesitation she pointed in a direction totally opposite from where we were hiding. The same direction in fact to where her neighbor Freddy lived. "Hurry officer! You still might be able to catch them." And so he headed off in the direction of Freddy's house.

We however stayed where we were and waited for something to happen. However we didn't have to wait long, and with in minutes we heard gunshots and angry shouts coming from that direction. It sounded like the police officer had stumbled across my grandma's evil neighbor… Freddy. And when the police officer finally stumbled back into my grandma's yard we could clearly hear Freddy shout "And stay out! Ya thievin' scum!" emphasized by a rifle shot. The police Officer on the other hand, looked much worse for the confrontation. Although he had no gun wounds his fast escape from Freddy through the woods had torn his uniform in many places. He jogged straight for his police car and headed down the driveway quite quickly. "He'll probably return tomorrow with reinforcements." my uncle said, so we all headed out of the woods and congratulated Grandma on her acting skills before lighting off a whole other round of fireworks and we kept at it until 2 o'clock in the morning when we were officially out of fireworks.

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