Monday, the 21st day of the Lady's Harvest

11th hour

Mondays always suck. A lot.

11th hour and 4 seconds

I hate Mondays.

12th hour and 16 seconds

A lot.

12th hour and 41 minutes

Maybe if I pry the metal chains out of the wall a fling them around like a lasso, outside the gating, I can catch one of the guards and drag him in here, grab the key, rescue myself, and then go confront the king. Let him know how disgusting his dungeons are-no indoor plumbing. No running water. I'll be the most renown sorceress in Aishmir. Well, sorceress –apprentice witch in Aishmir. But still, impressive. Then, I'll find the book, pick up a prince and a hoard of dragon's treasure, fly back to the castle and live happily ever after.

12th hour and 47 minutes

Yeah, yeah, rave on.

12th hour and 49 minutes

Dungeons smell.

12th hour and 50 minutes

A lot.

12th hour and 53 minutes

It's so unfair I'm stuck in here. Witches aren't supposed to be put in dungeons. We're supposed to put people in them.

13th hour and 15 seconds

Just because I try to steal something is no reason for the dungeon treatment. Those Royal Magicians have tons and tons of books, they don't really need that one. Okay, so it is the most powerful, but please. I had a very pressing need. Yeah, I should get a medal or something, for "daring to go where no witch has gone before," that type of thing. You know, or at least get a ribbon!

13th hour and 3 minutes

Okay, so it was a dare.

13th hour and 4 minutes

But it was from Lady Lilith.

13th hour and 5 minutes

I hate her. When I escape, using my lasso of chains of course, I'm going to turn her into a frog.

13th hour and 7 minutes

Or maybe an iguana. Those are always good.

14th hour and 12 minutes

I've been thinking about this. Maybe I should just let Lilith have the stupid ring. It didn't really work anyway. Oh, wait. Brain flash. She stole my boyfriend-well, semi-boyfriend. Crush. Twice, actually. So, no. I just loathe her.

14th hour and 13 minutes

Glad that's settled.

14th hour and 17 and ½ minutes

Dungeons are really boring.

14th hour and 18 minutes

There's a bit of moss on the wall shaped like my grandfather's left nostril. (Or my big toe, if you look at it upside down).

14th hour and 27 minutes

So what are they waiting for? I've been here forever! Can't they just sentence me already? Have I mentioned dungeons smell?

15th hour and 34 minutes

I didn't actually take anything, so I can't get anything too bad. Right?

15th hour and 53 minutes

So what if they accuse me? I'll turn them into ferrets. Oh, yeah, too bad I didn't learn that yet. And there might be a rule against turning your reigning monarch into foresty creatures….but then again, maybe I'll be lucky. Or not.

16th hour, 10 minutes, and 4 seconds