Sky High

Hello, it's just me

Wondering if I'll be the last one standing strait,

With my feet, on the ground,

As everyone around me…is sky high

Tell me, is that the only way too deal,

With your head in the sky, the ground too far away,

Too feel, they rise up,

On their clouds of smoke, regardless of promises they spoke

Oh no, not me, they say,

It will never turn out that way, woe betide the day we need a drink, or a hit, too have fun,

But that day has long since begun

Don't laugh at me, I'm not lame,

And God help you if you say I'm naïve, because that's just how I should be,

I'm sixteen, life will come at me fast enough,

And I'll get through it with my feet firmly on the ground

A/N: I like this poem...its kinda odd as far as the style goes, the subject matter is rather obvious, I hope someone gets something out of this