It was all his fault.

She had known him for a long time and had always known him to express his opinions faithfully. What she had a hard time getting used to were the easy lies he made, constantly, unconsciously almost, and she being honest never saw.

He hated drinking. She believed that, despite the many nights they spent getting plastered together and having a good time, at least until he crashed. Next morning, never again. Next weekend the same.

He hated fighting. That was something they fought over, because she would want to clear the air. It was mostly his instigation. They couldn't understand each other, it was really her who hated it. However she thought it was a necessary part of truth.

He hated deceit. He wanted openness, and quiet time. He loved her, exclusively, he wanted them to be alone all the time. Why, then, did he never turn anyone away? Why did she feel as though he treated others equally, even better than her, why did so many days pass in which they were alone only for the few moments before they fell asleep?

She loved him very much. He was her shared soul, her partner for life. They needed each other in order to be happy. Yet he was often irritable or distant. How could he give her his everything when he refused her so much? They were never to live out their vows with his careless attitude. Her resolutions to lead him into maturity and selflessness were strong, and dissolved in his presence.

Her father hadn't been dead six months when they married. Shortly after she realized what she should have long ago. He was a depressive alcoholic and he was having a nervous breakdown.

His fault.

A/N: This began as a fourth in the set Courtesy of Matt, as it were, and ended up as a much-later "sequel"ish to The Prodigal Son. Basically what it is is me being lazy and not wanting to think up new characters and backgrounds for them. The setting/plot etc. is different but you will recognize a few things if you managed to wade your way through the hasn't-been-edited-in-many-long-months tPS. I don't think this one relies on that, but being immersed myself, I have enough trouble remembering what I have and haven't written, let alone what makes sense.

Happy reading, and have a v Harry day.