Six-Word Stories

Show me a life without her.

Damn those beasts, damn them all!

For Sale: Guitar, used, never played.

Everyone sees us. Do I exist?

Get used to it, you hypocrite.

"I want life." "No, you want to live."

Friday night. Pub crawl. Confession. Rejection.

Your picture is worthless without words.

I threw up your love. Hangover.

Once a man, never a boy.

Life's a chuckle. Death's a hilarity.

"What's in a name?" "Only me."

"A masterpiece!" "Thanks!" "Oh. Yours, too."

Vacation in my head starts now.

Prologue: Birth, Chapters: Life, Epilogue: ?

Didn't mean it. Enjoyed it, though.

Left alone. Left to die. Lived.

Was that on purpose? Thought so.

Had a life. Never lived it.

Wade into shore before it comes!

"Give me all of you." "Why?"

"I love you." "Nope, try again."

No shoes, no shirt, no hope.

Got her, got hope, got love.

Every day, I become more certain.

What will come, came already. Prepare.

History repeats itself. People do, too.

(1)A tree fell in the forest.

No one heard it fall over.

No one heard it get up.

We all saw it come back.

(2)A tree fell in the forest.

Nobody was around to hear it.

Did it make a silent sound?

Nobody knew, no-one knows, or will.

Music. Sex. Pain. Rock and Roll.

Tried, tried, tried again. Never worked.

Loving you was finding the truth.

Truth is, dearie, you're a murderer.

Train tracks filled my deserted horizon.

Screaming, "Help", the ropes dug deeper.