Hold me just a little bit longer
Then let me go and let me drop down to Hell
This gun's only got one bullet left
I'm saving it for that special moment
When it's time for the show to go
Right before the credits scroll

These digital dreams I'm flying inside
Colors suffocating me with their screams
Digital dreams of people that want to fly
Just because they said you could fly
That doesn't mean you really can
No matter how you try or what you believe

Drag the pencil over the paper just once again
Then throw it away like you did your life
Puffing on your ciggarettes, you remember it
The time that you believed in Santa
Then you killed him and wouldn't let it go
Just try to let it go, let it go

Whispers in the skies that only scream
The silence is killing me when I'm alone
The world fading into shades of gray and yellow
Taking in the most of your coke and rum
Yeah, it's over for us all now and I don't care
Maybe you don't care either so just let it end

Trying to let this world of dreams live
Everyday one shatters like your alchohol glass
The colors eating into your dying brain
You just won't let it go away and you cry
Most wounds time really cannot mend
And it's just time to let it go, yeah just let it go