These promises are shattering
Never once did I believe this
But now it's right in front of my eyes
I'm living in nothing more than lies
In love with people that don't exist
No, they're not real at all
But does it matter to us anymore?
'Cause this world has nothing real
No, nothing real is left
Not even imagination is real
It's all unbelievable

In my head I see these visions
Of the dreams once blossoming
They're shattering apart now
And it's all because of me
The colors are draining away
I've taken my fiction and made it real
Turning this world shades of gray
And I'm drowning inside of it
'Cause nothing is real
It's all unbelievable

Do you wonder what it ever meant to me?
'Cause I wonder the same thing, too
Suffocating inside the toxic world
I can only see the reflection of me
And my lips are turning blue
I can't breathe inside of this
No, I can't breathe 'cause of you
I've tried to keep from infecting you
But now my darkness will creep into you
It's all unbelievable

You say it's better than nothing
But is it really all that great?
If I have to have any at all
Then I want all of it to be mine
I know that you'll never know
'Cause you can't understand my words
Which is alright 'cause I can't either
So don't ask me to try and explain
These dreams that are breaking apart now
It's all unbelievable
Yeah, it's all so unbelievable
So unbelievable