As many of you are probably aware, I placed this story on hiatus for a while as I wanted to go back through the already written chapters, allowing me to smooth out a few issues. The plot has not changed, though continuity from the chapters before this note and the chapters after might be a little off. If there is a problem, don't hesitate to let me know in case it's a mistake.

Issues I can anticipate:

1) The biggest one is the matter of Trifmara's memory. In the reworked version, she knows that her memory was suppressed by a drug given to her by James before he allowed her to escape an imprisonment of sorts on Krak'vi. She has not suppressed her memory, but has allowed the few bits and pieces to come back. This will be important in a couple chapters' time, and if anything makes you confused let me know in case I need to make it clearer.

2) Non-space or sub-space (and I know I called it both) has been changed to thread-space. If anyone is interested I have two very brief chapters of a spin-off story from this idea, viewable under friends-lock on my vox account. Currently it's an invite only service and I have 2 invites, so get in touch and I'll dish out accounts on a first-come-first-served basis. If anyone's interested, that is...

3) Psia abilities are brought on by a parasite, so when Nakem or Xeline mention a parasite that's what they're talking about. If anyone's curious to know more, I have a little Archives excerpt I could send you. Email/MSN/IM me.

4) A little scene shuffling means that the first scene of the new chapter is not new, just edited (and hopefully better) than what appeared at the end of the previous chapter.

5) The scene in the first Meetings chapter, where Lars and Nakem have a little meeting, is no longer in my master version. It was the beginning of a thread I no longer plan to continue.

6) Trifmara is 18. All other characters' ages are unchanged.

7) The mercenaries - chiefly Trifmara but also those on Saisanai - are now called 'lancers (short for freelancers). It's a term that, I feel, more accurately defines what they are, as several readers had pointed out that Trifmara doesn't act very much like a mercenary.

I think that is all. As I already said, don't hesitate to let me know if you think I'm being inconsistent.

If anyone is particularly interested in seeing the rewritten chapters – I've shuffled the opening, added a new Van Tonder scene early on, redone the Peace Keeping Meetings chapters, rewritten the scene where Fox faced 100 guarda – let me know (Email/MSN/IM). Note: I will only allow people who have given consistently good CC to view the final draft. This is because I trust you guys, and I know you'll give good feedback. Publishers can apparently get a bit annoyed about stories previously appearing online, so to cover my back the master version will not be appearing online.

Thanks for your patience while I did this, and I hope you all like the rest of the story! I plan to get it done by the end of 2006, so here goes…