Fate of the Hidden

Well this is my latest story. Thanks to Michelle for helping me decide the title!


Queen Kandela smiled down at her new baby. It had been born only hours before and Kandela was overjoyed, bursting with happiness. Her husband on the other hand, was not.

"Randal," Kandela said, smiling over at the king, "Isn't our daughter the most beautiful baby you've ever seen? I'm so proud of her! She looks so strong and healthy! I think I'll name her-"

"No!" Randal said quickly.

Kandela frowned. "What is it?" she asked nervously

"You can not name that child." Randal told her. He looked at his wife and child sadly. The baby did look strong. She would make a good princess, a perfect ruler. But she would not have a chance. "This is our first born." He continued gently, "We must give her to the demons so that they will not attack and kill in our territory. I don't- It's going to be difficult to part with the baby. I don't want to make it any more difficult on you. Naming her would do that."

A tear dripped down Kandela's cheek. Randal sighed, feeling his wife's pain. He didn't want to give his child away any more than she did. "I will send a messenger to alert the Demon Lord that we have our child to give. I will do it quickly. The faster we hand her over, the less pain we will suffer."

Kandela looked down at her child mournfully. All her joy had evaporated. "I can't let her go." She whispered, "She's so precious. So perfect. I refuse to let a bunch of filthy demons take her away from me! She's my child! As her mother it is my duty to protect her!"

"But Kandela…" Randal said, "It is our duty as monarchs to keep our people safe. If the Demon Lord finds out about our daughter and that we haven't given her up to him, he will allow his demons to kill our people."

"Then we will not allow him to find out about her!"

The king blinked. "How can we do that?"

"She will die, that's how."

"You intend on having our child killed?!"

"No!" Kandela exclaimed, horrified.

"Then what do you mean?" Randal asked.

"Last night one of the servants had a baby girl." The queen started. "Unfortunately the babe died. We will take this corpse and pretend that that is our own child. We will make the people believe our child has died. We will have a funeral and send a messenger to the Demon Lord with news of our child's death."

Randal nodded. "But what of our own child?"

"We will hide her." Kandela said smiling, "She will live her life out deep in the palace, seeing few people, unfortunately. But she will survive and she will be with us and we will raise her as best we can."

"But do you want this for our child?" the king asked.

"I want to see my child grow up." She replied, "This is what I want."

He nodded again. "I also want to see the child grow up." Randal agreed. "I will find the servant child's body immediately." He strode towards the door.

"Wait!" Kandela said quickly. "Don't you want to know her name?"

"I do."


"Well then Nicola will grow up to be a fine child." Randal told the queen, smiling, "Even if she is hidden from view."

The plan was put into action immediately. The other child was found and declared to be the dead princess. A message was sent to the Demon Lord. The funeral was held the next day and the tears the monarchs cried were indeed real, only they were tears of relief.