Pardon me, but I still do not think "I am your father" is a good reason. Besides, I meant by him losing the respect, he shouldn't demand it when he doesn't deserve it. Being a father doesn't mean everything. Instead, being a good father does. I agree that everyone needs a little respect at the basis, but when he/she loses it, he/she shouldn't demand that they be respected for something they didn't deserve, say, for being the (absent/abusive) father figure, instead he/she should try to earn it back. And, lastly, I do not hate my father for no good reason. In fact, it was only during my late Primary School when I started disliking him, and in late Secondary School that I hated him with a passion.

I respected him, but that was gone forever. Unless he can change for the better, or I can change to be more forgiving. Yet, certain things are neither easily forgiven nor forgotten, and childhood/adolescent nightmares are one of them.

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