Alloulae Alexianne



"Who am I?

What am I doing in this world?

Why must life be so difficult?

Someone tell me what to do!"

Alloulae hummed Lost Soul's newest hit, Who am I, while she tried to clean up the fishing boat. Since the song was released, her admiration of her sister had only grown.

I wish I could sing. Or at least, have a talent to call my own...

Every Alexianne had a special talent, except for her. Her older sister, Karlene, had the most amazing voice. She was also very beautiful. Of course, Tradesdattirs could not pursue a career in the arts, and Karlene was a dutiful wife, along with excellent singer. Her husband though, had convinced her to go undercover and release an album. It had taken lots of nagging, but finally Karlene gave in.

Now, everyone in the Seventh World knew her as the Lost Soul, and everyone wanted to meet her. She was famous.

The word tasted different in Alloule's mouth, a bit bitter, yet at the same time sweet. An otherwordly word. Before the coming of the Lost Soul, no one had ever gotten that title.

But my sister has.

Then there was Angelitte, her youngest sister. The girl was a dreamer, a natural storyteller. She was destined for the fishing boat, but her dreams kept her alive. As the youngest of six, she had no hope for a better life. But she dreamed, and was certain the dreams would amount to something. Usually, Alloulae had no time for this nonsense, but sometimes she envied the girl, to be able to escape this life so easily.

And Ghanne, one year younger then Alloulae, though she looked three years older. She had started her moontime well before Alloulae, and, as far as Pappa was concerned, was older then Alloulae. It was certain, because of her looks that Ghanne would marry well, perhaps to the top of the Tradesmen social ladder. Pappa was as proud as a man could be of his daughter.

I can't dream, I'm ugly, I can't even sing! I'm neither the oldest, nor the youngest. I'm ordinary. There's nothing special about me. Pappy won't even bother trying to marry me. Who would take me? I'm a failure!

This was the conversation Alloulae had with herself, day in and day out. Even the twins were good at something!

The twins, Dorran and Dhara, were athletes. Dhara danced, swam, and played sports whenever the men weren't watching. Dorran was the fastest Junior Swimmer. Every year, the town of Glittanna held a race. Dorran couldn't compete in the Big League, he was too young, and his social class was too low. But there was talk in recruiting him in the City Team when he was old enough. It had never been done before, athletic were for Nobles. But the coaches were ready to make an exception.

Alloulae, of course, could swim, but not nearly as fast as the twins.

And so it went. Day in and day out, her siblings becoming famous for their talents while she did the dishes for them. Of course, as in all situations, things started to change. It was two weeks before Alloulae's graduation from school, two weeks before she got released into the world. On October 3rd, two weeks before her sixteenth birthday, she received an offer that would change her life, and that of her family...

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