I stare upon the scene before me;

Watch her as her snow white hair

Shimmers and it sparkles as it whips around her shoulders,

Driven by

The Wind

Is tumbling round in circles,

Carrying the smell of corpses;

Rotting flesh and sweet, sweet blood,

It changes its direction and it's

Clashing; bites my stinging ears;

My singing ears…tormented by

The Voices

Rising in the night,

They shriek…unearthly souls

Are carried round about in circles

Heading deeper in

The Whirlpool

Drags us down and round

Closer to hell where we belong.

I see her piercing eyes

Gaze straight into their souls;

She rises slowly from a crouch

And pulls a sickened, bloody blade

Out from their hearts,

And I see droplets join a flood;

A raging river, red as…


Sickening gurgle

She turns in my direction

And her vision sweetly

Pierces through

A Body

Which was mine sometime ago;

The rotting flesh exposed and sinking

Deeper into deathly frames.

It carries lost, eroded filth

and pieces of a noble body,

this bloody river.

I screech and swirl,

Collide and crash;

Sucked down further—

Just about rock-bottom

When I feel

A tugging, gentle…gentle at

A heart I never knew I had.

Strong arms caress a body long gone sour

Lift up the wretch where she once lay

And I am searching without eyes to see;

I lost them long ago;

He pulls her close—no.

I feel that tugging on my heart,

Draws me closer;

I…he pulls me close.

I do not understand…

The gentle, urgent tugging now increases

And I'm drawn into a body

And I feel

Again—the first time in

An Age

With out compassion

Still surrounds me in my memory

But those strong arms now surround me

And still I cannot understand.

I open piercing eyes to see

Him falter, pain across his face

My white hair whips around my shoulders,

Shimmering…it sparkles,

Driven by

The Wind

Grows stronger and I fall

As those arms drop me

And I drop him too

His body stumbles

Falls into the earth

And he is gone.

…What have I done?

A/N: Okay, so this is just some really angsty crud I spewed out last school year because I was extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeemely stressed out and just having a tough time in ...

It's not related to my real life in any way-I just felt like being destructive, so I took it out on a bunch of lyrics. Please pardon the scary harshness.