The feeling

Rushing over me

The feeling

Sinking into me

Everything is focused

Out of place.

My legs can't walk straight

My head isn't cleared that great

And nothing can stop me

From having my share of fun.

But somewhere there's a line that's crossed

It's always very near.

Every nerve drops away,

Shredding any fear.

But my paranoia returns

Bringing shakes and rattles too.

My happiness is quickly gone

This is nothing new.

My eyes have swollen shut

My mouth is dry and cracked.

My stomach is calling

Because I crave a snack.

This is because of the two - second choice

I made

And the substance

I craved.

The drugs are nothing

Compared to emotional smiles.

They screw up your mind

All the while.

So for something that's fun for awhile.

Take the chance to live while it's there.

Don't mess it up

Because you don't care.