"So, then, let's pick up from where we left off last night." Syth, having been up for at least an hour before the rest of the group, taken a bath at the city's bathhouse, and gotten all the supplies ready for the journey before coming down to the pub to meet with everyone.

Some of the group members looked as if they had just woken up; which was probably not far from the truth for many. Rhys, for one, was looking weary-eyed and almost half asleep- she was clearly not a morning person. Dressed in roughly the same type of costume as she had been the night before, she had thrown on a heavy cloak and clutched it around her shoulders like a blanket.

Avis looked somewhat tired, but not overly so. He wore grey leather travelling armour, his polished silver breastplate, his sword and sword belt, and a red cloak.

Alaric was the drowsiest looking of everyone. Eyes half lidded, he propped his head up with both hands, elbows on the table. His usual attire was what he had on, which was perfect for travelling.

Kether showed no signs of being fully awake, or at all tired. Having known him for only a few hours, Syth took this to be a good sign. The simple tunic, breeches, vest and cloak- in his usual rusty red color- he wore were suited for travel.

Khania was looking downright perky, a pleasant smile on her lips. She had bound her curls back into a bun at the nape of her neck. Replacing her cleric robes was a sleeveless blue shirt covered by a navy blue, flowing overcoat that tied at the front, and a soft grey pair of breeches.

Nol seemed his usual cheerful self, looking fully alert and ready for the day. Practical black breeches and a tunic, covered by a cloak, was his outfit, polished blackwood staff leaning against the table close at hand.

Syth herself was in an outfit different than what she usually wore. It was similar to that which she had worn in her days as a druid and not much different than Khania's outfit. Dark brown breeches tied over top of her boots, an overcoat shorter than that of the cleric's and sleeveless that was tied with a thick cloth sash around the middle, a durable forest green tunic and her usual weapons belt were her attire that morning. Her long hair was in a loose braid.

"I trust you all found your accommodations suitable?" she asked.

Everyone nodded their heads.

"Good." She scanned the group, smiling a little. "As I had requested in my advert, you all should have the supplies you will need for the first stretch of our journey, as well as a mount of some sort. I have a pack mule to carry much of our baggage, although I daresay you will be using it more than I will. As for travelling outfits, what you all are wearing should be fine; however, keep a cloak with you in case the wind shifts. We'll be setting out in twenty minutes- or whenever everyone is ready and present- which should give us plenty of time to get all of our supplies onto our mounts and such. Now, as I asked yesterday night, are there any questions?"

No-one spoke up, but this time it didn't seem to be in shock. They genuinely didn't look as if they had anything to say.

"Ah, right then. We will be following the road to Arenae, where we will take a rest stop to re-supply and such. So get your things, and let's head out." With a nod of finality, she waved to them all and walked up the stairs to her room.

They had all strapped their gear to their horses, and the pack mule, and were ready to leave.

Kether noted with amusement that, while Khania and Rhys had three bags each with them, Syth only had one. The males varied between two and three themselves, with Avis having four.

There were seven horses and a pack mule. The two white horses belonged to Avis and Kether, the three brown to Alaric, Khania and Rhys, the black to Nol, and the white and brown to Syth.

Syth pointed out the route they were to take once they reached the city limits, and they went down the road at a steady pace. She, of course, was at the head of the group, Nol behind her, then Rhys, Alaric, Kether, Avis, and Khania, who was also looking after the mule.

"Just keep following the trail, Nol, I'll be back in a moment." Syth instructed the necromancer. He nodded his head in dissent.

Moving to the side of the trail, Syth hung back to wait for Avis and Khania.

"Avis, Khania." She called out, waving to them.

"What is it?" Khania asked, trotting alongside Avis.

"I must ask you not to harm any Demons we may come across on our journey, as it would disrupt the study I am instructed to carry out." Syth said.

"But as members of the Order, we have a responsibility to do all we can to rid the world of Demons, the spawn of evil. To fail to do so would be to fail as a follower of Mithris!" Avis protested.

"My guild is paying you both to keep me safe so that I can carry out the orders I was given to research the tower, not to kill all the Demons you can find and ruin the study. Your Order wouldn't object to the two of you taking a break from hunting." Syth replied.

"You don't understand. They are evil incarnate. They kill for sheer pleasure, with no distinction between right and wrong or innocent and guilty or good and bad. They have no mercy, no compassion, no soul! We must get rid of them, it is our duty to the world and the Order!"

"Look," Syth snapped, having reached the limit of her temper, "it is your 'duty' to do what you have been hired to do, your 'duty' to leave the demons alone, and it is your 'duty' to shut up about it! I will hear no more about this, is that clear?"

The two nodded, taken aback by her show of temper.

She sighed. "Look…I have been preparing for this mission for a long time, and it would ruin everything if you two were to kill even a single Demon. They're part of the tower. Please, just leave them be unless they attack us."

With that, she rode off back to the front of the group, leaving Avis and Khania to puzzle over her sudden outburst.