First Love

The sky meets with the horizon,
It seemed so vast back then.

Laughing freely as children do,
Holding hands, two friends.

Running barefoot together,
Smuggling stolen sweets.

Noticing for the first time,
The way my heart beats.

First love, it's unbearable,
Sneaking glances at you.

You still clutch my hand,
As if it was nothing new.

Young hearts confused,
Painfully unable to speak.

I watch as you fall away,
My voice sounds so weak.

I'm so sorry, I was a fool,
I should have told you.

Return to a time far away,
Smiling the way you do.

Holding my hand again,
We walk in out bare feet.

I'm so happy, you laugh,
Giving me a stolen treat.

First Love is bittersweet.

I know it's not that good, but I like it all the same. Some advice please :D